Casidhe Smith – Genital Herpes

straight black & white female with black hair and brown eyes. Standing 5 feet, 8 inches tall and weighing in at 150 pounds.
Infected with Genital Herpes. She was messing around wit infected partners and finally was expose to it. Went to the health department and found out. She still passing it to other people.

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  1. This was all made up i used to dater her bestfriend and she pissed me off because she didnt like me with her friend and i made this up about her because i actually cheated on her friend and caught genital herpes from the chick i cheated with and my ex which was her bestfriend told her about all of it and she never like me aftwards and she said some things and i wanted to get back at her so i posrted this about her and im trying to get right in my life and i want everyone to forgive me so i hope she sees this and sees im sorry for making theses things up about her

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