Worst therapist ever Melissa Nieman, New York

This ugly white horrible therapist bitch Melissa Nieman always instructed her ugly white friend Leanna Scatoloni to date men but not reveal she has genital herpes. Melissa Neiman should not be giving out that bad advice that herpes infected whores like herself can date men that don’t have herpes. Since both Melissa Nieman and Leanna Scatoloni both have genital herpes Melissa instructed Leanna not to tell men that she dates that she Leanna has genital herpes and HPV. Both Leanna Scatoloni and Melissa Nieman enjoy tricking men to spend millions of dollars and irreplaceable time dating females like themselves that had sex with who knows how many men and picking up STD’s like groceries. Both these dogs went to Clark College and have traveled throughout the world where they have gone to many countries having sex with random men most likely! Tell these stupid bitches if they have fucking genital herpes then date men with herpes and just fucking leave innocent men alone stop and raping men’s wallets and raping men for their time, wasting men’s time bitches. #DamnBitchYouDontLookThatGood

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