Will Sheffield in Worcester Ma

Yes be careful of Will Sheffield in Worcester Ma. He hangs out at Dance ranch. He used me and was abusive. He gave me HPV and I had to see my doctor. He sleeps around and likes younger girls he’s tall and has glasses and blondish hair. ( also an internet troll )

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    September 2, 2015 at 11:24 am Reply
    It’s obvious my ex wife, Pelin Saunders Moss, is wrong about Miss Tina Laviana. Tina is telling the truth as to why she made an abrupt trip back to Georgia for an emergency with her daughter! She had nothing to do with my now ex wife & my separating in 2013. Our marriage was a mistake & we severed ways very soon after we married realizing we mutually made a mistake! Her attack on Miss Laviana I sincerely regret & if I felt it necessary to give Tina Laviana the info that I was married & separated I would have but also want to make it clear that I never made it known to mutual friends of Miss Laviana & myself! I’ve paid out thousands of dollars to clear Tina’s name & was scammed! Pelin has been court ordered to remove all of this & also on stdregistry.org or .com where I copied & pasted above where word press is affiliated with that vicious site as well! Tina Laviana is a remarkable heartfelt woman & very caring in her work & has never, in 45yrs ever deserved such cruel accusations claimed on her! I, James Reed Moss, take full responsibility for my actions & want to make it clear my relationship was not with Tina Laviana but with Christie Peters of Cartersville Ga. There is NO STD’s! This was a low blow by my ex, Pelin Demirel Saunders Moss! As stated by Pelin, my now EX wife, Tina was a resident of Smryna Ga & she never has been! I had a settlement coming to me from getting hit by a drunk driver prior to mine & Pelin’s marriage & she wouldn’t grant me a divorce in hopes she was entitled to my settlement! We did divorce & I was fair with her in taking the advice from my attorney & Pelin & I have parted ways since 2013. Anyone who REALLY KNOWS MISS TINA knows this is not the person she would ever be of what she’s been accused of! I’ve been in a relationship with Christie for quite some time & regret I didn’t make it known to keep Tina from going thru such heartbreaking, betrayed scrutiny of something she had not done to start with! She’s a very honest woman! A loving & caring heart & has worked in the caregiving field for years which I highly commend her because her work with mentally & physically challenged individuals she took my pride in & the reward was fulfilling to her! My son is autistic & I appreciate her friendship & hopefully she can find peace past the situation she came into with not knowing the truth! If she had she would of seeked other help in her emergency to get back to Georgia! She specifically did ask b4 her trip was I dating or was I married because it had been since 2008 since we seen eachother! I didn’t feel it necessary to bother her with my problems & am a quiet person & just was regretting the marriage & I saw myself as did Pelin as well! She portrayed herself as single on a fund me site under the name Saunders… On all her other accounts of public display she never used my last name till she felt she may have a chance at my settlement I was to receive! What this has done to Tina I wished I could take back! I’m an a****** & didn’t deserve such a woman! She’s taking care of her life & I admire her strengths & ability to be just be single & alone by her choice to avoid the unfortunate things she & her children have endured! I lost a good friend! She’ll never see me as a friend ever again! I just want to say I’m sorry miss Tina!! I hope you find happiness in your life & I should of had your back a long time ago regarding this situation! I wish you well & I just hope this is something you can get past! I hope you can forgive me one day in passing! Someone that could get a woman like you is truly blessed & people need to know you did not wreck my home with my ex wife! I broke it & she as well! You just happened to be in the line of fire! I’m so sorry! My family thought this was best out of respect for you & do as well & should of vindicated you sooner! I should of never put you in this situation to start with! I hope you see this! I wish you nothing but the best! James Reed Moss

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