To: Peter James Bromfield, STD Registry Star:

You keep saying “person who has exposed you”, “slandered you”, etc. It’s not a PERSON! You keep saying “person” or “woman”, as if only one person is doing all this. It’s not just a WOMAN or one PERSON. It is several PEOPLE: MALE and FEMALE! You have managed to piss off numerous people because you get into other people’s websites and business. You report videos and people you don’t like. If someone says something you don’t like, you make a video exposing them, or you report their posts/videos. You get on other websites, bothering people, because you hate their websites. If you don’t like their websites and channels, don’t watch! Go away and leave them alone! We still have freedom of speech in this country, and assholes like you need to respect that. If you don’t like someone or something, don’t mess with it. Chances are, it wasn’t bothering you from the beginning.

If you don’t like Freedom of Speech, here in America, then move to the UK 🇬🇧 where freedom of speech no longer exists!

You have stalked white women: White women that you don’t even know, (like porn stars, YouTubers and other TV celebrities), calling them racist for not wanting to date black men. Don’t lie and say you haven’t, because we all know it’s YOU! You have also exposed other women on these sites, who are NOT white. Everyone knows it’s you because of your writing style, with your long-winded use of unnecessary adjectives.

You have had black women, as well as white women tell you to shut up, in either posts, threads, and other videos, for the past several years. Men have said the same to you. For you to keep sitting there, claiming it is only one person doing this, only makes you look more stupid than you already are. Shut the fuck up! Nobody cares about you or your hurt feelings and bad reputation. You have brought it on yourself! You have been an online nuisance for over five years, harassing people online, because you don’t like what they have to say.

You have been exposed, because you have spent years exposing other people for shit that is none of your business! Payback is a bitch! Karma has got your number. Deal with it!

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