Stephanie Gann, Nashville, Tennessee


My son had been diagnosed with cancer back in September. My fiancé worked so my neighbor was helping watch my 2 year old son at the time. December came and I met my neighbors friend Stephanie. I didn’t like her from the start but was nice cause of my neighbor helping for free all the time. I had no clue anything was up at the time till December 20 came and my fiancé said he wanted to hang with his friends. My body kept telling me something was up when he left. So I called him and was like why is Stephanie with you? He got angry and said she’s not! Hung up and turned his phone off. I tried telling my neighbor about it but she insisted that Stephanie wasn’t like that. Anyone I ever tried talking too kept saying I was paranoid cause what my son was going through at the time. So I confronted the whore the next day and she kept saying she wasn’t like that. She was always at my house uninvited. I never let her be around my fiancé alone but little did I know everytime I was at the hospital with my son she was in my bed or my car. When February came my son had to have surgrey to remove his tumor and the whole time my fiancé wanted to leave. Finally I told him to just go if he wanted to leave so bad. He finally came back later that night and I saw scratch marks on his back. I said you been fucking Stephanie behind my back all this time haven’t you!? He denied it and got mad and left. I finally just gave up on it. March 10 came and Stephanie wanted to stay the night at my house so I let her. She used my phone to get on facebook. My phone ended up dying on her and she kept wanting the charger. At the time me and my fiancé shared a charger and he was using it in the bedroom. She asked me like 30 times for it and he wouldn’t let me have it. So she fell asleep and I decided to go through her facebook. I didn’t find anything so I figured I was just being paranoid after all. I wake up the next morning and checked her page once more. I finally found what I needed they had been messing around since December 17. They had sex in my bed every chance they got behind the house while me and the kids slept! My car! She was even talking about wanting to mother my kids! I went next door and confronted Stephanie and that bitch had the nerve to say my facebook was hacked! I ended up beating her ass and made her tell me everything! My fiancé denied it all. He finally came clean when the screenshots and text messages were pulled up. They both tried to say I didn’t give enough attention to him. But I guess the only crime I ever did was be there for my son who needed me. If you live in Tennessee and meet Stephanie gann I suggest you stay away from her and tell her the same! She’s done this more than once it’s a game to her she gets off on it! Dont have sex with her unless you want the Clymadia and gonohrea. and all the STDs she’s has collected. Oh and after everything came out found out I had Clymadia and gonohrea.



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