STD-trichomonas – Richard Brown, Indiana

I dated a man who confessed he had an over active sexual drive. I later found out from his roommate prior to me that he had different individuals nightly and weekly. I immediately got tested. I didn’t have anything. Then it was kind of off and on, then he wanted me to spend the night but nothing sexual to discuss and decide on the relationship. Something sexual did happen, and I ended up with a std. Thankfully it was something easy to get rid of but I believe he knew at that point. This man has some very dark and strange sexual behaviors. His name is Richard Brown and is from Knightstown, IN. He will tell you all the right things and after being divorced 4 years and had not dated fell completely into his trap. Please don’t let this pervert hurt another woman. Spread the word to anyone that may know him. He is 49, bald and medium build. I have posted a picture. I know that the std did not come from me and can show documents that I did have this nasty std. He is from Knightstown but has live in several states. Married 5x and drives a white hummer.

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