Shawn Phillip Lambi

Shawn Phillip Lambi is an abusive asshole. Before Shawn left me, he left me with an STD and owing me over 4K that he never paid me back! STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY! HE MAY BE DECENT LOOKING ON THE EYES, BUT HE WILL GIVE YOU AN STD.

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  1. Wow….Rebecca Mason you are sad… There is nothing wrong with Shawn. He is a great guy and did not deserve what you are doing to him. As for everyone on here….don’t believe any of this b.s because she is the one who cheated on him via craigslist casual encounters!! What a whore!! Lol. She also screwed 2 guys in her driveway! And sleeps around ALOT!!!!

  2. Mark Mamiton // June 22, 2015 at 4:36 pm // Reply

    Lucky lady. At least he left you with a little something to remember him by.

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