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  1. Shawn Brabits // August 30, 2015 at 2:14 am // Reply

    Effective August 29, 2015, (I) Shawn Brabits of Texas USA take serious offense and issue with the false, malicious
    and defaming post: “Watch out for Shawn ….he has herpes, if you don’t ask he won’t tell and make sure you use a condom each time, keep him away from your teen girls too. He is sick and very crazy.”
    Further, I request/demand to permanently remove and delete the post within 48 hours of receiving this email.
    If there is a reason the owners and operators of stdregistry.org will not remove the defaming post and honor
    my simple request, then I further request those reasons be submitted in writing to [email protected].
    I will file a copy of this complaint with US Federal Cyber Authorities and International Consumer Protection
    and Enforcement Network as recommended by ICANN of Los Angeles, CA, USA.
    Respectfully, Shawn Brabits
    Texas USA
    Sent Email Complaint too: [email protected]

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