Shari Wilkins. Franklin

Her x found her meds she had the law put him out and she keep his stuff and then she had him put in jail and charged with a felony . just for asking what the pills. We’re for she said achne
She owns the cowboyshop in Roopville Ga
He was tested and is clean she would not have sex during a breakout guess he was lucky

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  1. Shari Wilkins // November 9, 2015 at 6:13 pm // Reply

    I am Shari. Not a friend posting for me. If this wasnt so horrendous it would really be funny..seriuosly??!!! Do I look like I have acne? Does anyone really think the police would put him in jail for asking about some freaking pills???!!! Check your facts people before involving yourselves in someone elses lies… Let me start by saying…”friends” that are listening to Bobby you have no idea what you are opening yourselves up for. He is NOT the person you think he is. He is a chameleon…able to change to fit in when and where he likes. I am NOT who he tells you I am. I am victim, like you will find yourself to be in the future. The only thing I ever did to him was not love him and want him to leave…and that IS my right. I never hated him. Never wanted anything bad to happen to him…just didnt love him and didnt want to subject myself and my children to his ways any longer. He wouldnt leave so yes, I had to force him to…. Bobby Lee was convicted of Aggravated stalking against me in Heard County, Case # 2015R54. He is currently on probation after a short time in jail. To my understanding he has a new woman in his life and a job…I had hoped he would be happy with his focus elsewhere but evidently a spat with her caused him to focus on me again…and he saw that after a year of me not dating I finally moved on…he went from posting about my children and how much he cared to slandering me and my business…he has more personalities than anyone I have ever met. The sad thing is I have all kinds of ugly stuff he wouldnt want his new “fiance” nor his employer to know about him Im sure…sexual encounters explicity spelled out in email that he met through Craigslist as well as pics of certain body parts he shared with his ad…I found all this after finally getting him out of my home…I kept it in case I ever needed it and at this point havent stooped to the level he has but you can only push even a nice person so far. Anyone who reads all the crazy crap he posted (On another location he put he contracted herpes…didnt get it from me, but after the Craigslist encounters I wouldnt be surprised….) Wonder if Donna knows about that? And wonder if “A” knows he is being led into trouble by someone who thrives on Drama. Lastly and sadly all this is currently under investigation once again. Why would anyone knowing what the outcome can be continue to torment and stalk someone? Especially when they are suppose to be happy with a new person?

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