Shankar Iyer of VMware got HIV and AIDS from prostitutes!

Shankar Iyer who is a VM and GM at VMware is married with adult children yet he is the undisputed escort king of the San Francisco Bay Area!!! Shankar Iyer has been taking bribes from various people in terms of influencing acquisitions that have returned no value whatsoever to VMware and its shareholders. Shankar Iyer also hires people close to his Indian caste. Shankar Iyer has expensed many frivolous personal items and services that he billed to VMware. Shankar Iyer treats his junior staff with utter disrespect and contempt. Shankar Iyer is married with kids but has had several sexual affairs and flings with admin staff at VMware and he routinely hires prostitutes, escorts, call girls, stripper, etc. for hotel room excursions and bills them to his company VMware guising them as business expenses. Maybe Shankar Iyer should spend money in eye corrective surgery towards fixing his twisted eyes. People need to know about this vile crooked eye creature Shankar Iyer and VMware needs to fire this shameless leech Shankar Iyer ASAP!!!

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