Samuel Ezekiel Lindsey

This guy Samuel Ezekiel Lindsey who goes by the name “S.Lin.Zek” as a nobody lame poet, goes around having sex with prostitutes from Akron to Cleveland. He quit his job as a truck driver because he likely got caught up into it with prostitutes at rest stops. Now he sends random text messages to people accusing them of having prostitutes following him. He preys on women at clubs and dating websites. He even had the nerve to admit he contracted crabs from a prostitute on his Facebook page. Ladies stay away from him….not that you give him a chance, which is why he pays hookers!

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  1. This information is false. I can’t believe some guy I met outside a night club in downtown Akron would do this to me. I’ve been nothing more than a friend to him until he started acting all weird.

    Robert Chandler, you are going to have your day. God sees everything and no matter how much you pray for forgiveness, it will not stop your punishment. An police officer has already take to you man. Leave me alone.

  2. Samuel Ezekiel Lindsey // February 16, 2017 at 6:24 am // Reply

    This is the guy that wrote crazy stuff about me

    It’s funny how all this stuff is on the weird websites who’s creators have been arrested for something. But, Robert Chandler has a record of the stuff he say’s I was doing. He has a warning restraining order against him from the city of Akron, Oh because of excessive calling and strange behavior.

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