Sammy Young, Nantucket, Massachusetts

Sammy Young has had several mistresses throughout his TWO marriages. He has had multiple restraining orders issued against him by three different unrelated women. He is unbelievably deceitful and will claim that he was an abused man that fled his abusive marriage because his ex wife was mean to him and his kids. What he won’t say is that he gave several women an incurable STD and financially, physically and verbally abused the mother of his youngest child after years of putting her through all kinds of mental physical and sexual abuse. He also won’t mention that he is a documented abuser. He has three children and prays on women from abusive backgrounds. He will force children to lie while he sleeps with other women and threaten them if they don’t. He tells his victims that the abuse he puts them through is their fault because their (previous abusive situation) messed them up. Women please be warned. He will love bomb you and then abuse you once you get comfortable. He currently resides in Nantucket, MA and works as a contractor and barber.

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  1. Sammy one of his mistresses

  2. Sammy young and his herpes infested ex girlfriend Rosemarie Mckenzie. She resides in Nantucket MA. She has children and grandchildren. She’s a low down Jamaican whore. She parties and likes to give blow jobs in bathroom at the parties she attends when drunk. She has multiple Facebook accounts and says that she’s from both New York and Nantucket. She often wears wigs and different color wigs and weaves. She has several tattoos.

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