Sam Masri of SAP Canada has numerous STDs and is HIV positive

Sam Masri a VP (vice-president) with SAP Canada Value Engineering in Toronto is the epitome of a complete fraud. Sam Masri is 59 years old, married with 8 adult children yet he routinely uses the services of escorts, prostitutes, escorts, call girls, strippers etc while away on business charges. Sam Masri has tested positive for various STDs, STIs, and he is HIV positive with AIDS! Even worst, Sam Masri bills all his sex sessions on the company tab. SAP’s executives, customers and shareholders would be outraged to learn Sam Masri’s naughty ways on the company tab! Sam Masri is a lazy bum who never gets any work done. Sam Masri is an intemperate clown who is innately stupid and no wonder he is always delegating work to subordinates for which he takes credit. Sam Masri is typical scum in his traditional Arab Muslim Jordanian fashion. He lies about everything from his education to credentials to accomplishments (all of which are none!). People need to be cautions of this scammer Sam Masri!!!

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