Rosario Robert Morin Crystal Beach, ON, CA

He is a predator and he preys on girls with low self esteem. He recognizes victim. He prefers dark haired girls but has also been known to stalk blondes . He has herpes and spreads it . He cares about NO one but himself and his bank account. Manipulation is all he knows and he does this with more than one girl at a time and never uses protection. He will isolate you from your family and friends and also from any one who cares for you. He will accuse you of everything that he is doing to you. He likes to drink and is a dangerous black out drunk on liquor and will turn on you at the drop of a dime. This guy made a profit off of his own mother, padlocks on all the doors in the house he grew up ion. Watch your keys He is a greedy socio-path.

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