Rhonda Munholland

I just saw this post about a Rhonda Munholland of Lexington ( Mansfield )
I also dated her about 4 years ago and I got genital warts and an STD after receiving oral and engaging in vaginal anal sex with her.
I do know she works in the sleep lab at Morrow County Hospital. I am sorry as I did not confront her over this as I will always have this and can never have sex again. Now I find out she’s out spreading her disease to others. I hope someday she get what she deserves !

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  1. You can have sex again. If ANYONE told you that, it’s a lie. Genital warts can be removed. You did not tell what the other STD was, but if it is incurable like herpes or HIV, you can have sex. Protected sex. I’m so sorry that this happened to you, and I hope you will find love in the future. ♥️

  2. You still have a 10% chance of giving it to others even using the best protection.
    I also found out I have throat cancer because she had HPV 16 or 18 that causes throat cancers in men….
    I now have to do radiation treatments because of her and she admitted that she is till having unprotected sex with 2 other men right now.. She is a Nurse and is doing this is a violation of the Nurses creed of Ethics and should be fired from Morrow County Hospital and lose her RN License !
    So call her at 419-949-3018 and ask why she is still doing so
    Or her Boss Leslie Dye at 419-949-3014 and see why she is till working for Ohio Health and Morrow County Hospitals

  3. Rhonda pic to me to kiss her ass last time I talked to her !

  4. No not me baby // April 9, 2018 at 2:11 am // Reply

    More of Rhonda !

    • Sure was … do you want to see more ?

    • Looks like your ass to me baby and I have seen it a lot !
      Or ask your new boy toy with Genital Warts and HPV , I am sure he will agree !

    • LOL, you can see your wall and dresser by the door to your hallway in the pic… Anyone who has seen the inside of that bedroom knows its you baby, and I hear there have been a lot lately !

  5. She was a slut in Cabot years ago and looks like she didn’t change much.
    I knew one guy who she was involved with and he was married he broke it off after he found out she had an STI.
    Oh Ronda you sure haven’t changed any.

  6. The Diseased Bitch just tried to send me a cease and desist letter to stop me telling the truth about her online, but her dumbass lawyers get the wrong address and the letter was sent to the wrong place… So I now have posted every pic online on several sites that she sent me over the two years to me and soon all the texts where she is begging me to come and see her..
    She then threatened to post the few pics I sent her. So if you see a dong pic here soon its probably mine, and that’s good as it will be a pic before I got with the diseased ass whore and then I will send a pic after her and you will see what that pussy has done to me.
    I started all this to save other guys from having to go through what I now am going through, but now I kinda hope they get the same thing I have and then we might finally be able to shop the whore and the disease she spreads like those chubby legs !

  7. More to come

  8. I see where she is having mental problems from deep depression but not because she is spreading those chubby legs and spewing out her diseases… No, its because she was caught doing so and the GOOD PEOPLE of this world are calling her and chastising the little SLUT for her terrible acts.

  9. I saw her at the Memorial Day Parade in Lexington… She looked so bad I didn’t even believe it was her, but then I saw her new friend and knew it was her… she looks very bad, I think she has something seriously wrong with her… I’m thinking HPV or AIDs
    All that slutting around is catching up with her…..
    Oh well when you play with the devil !

  10. Horrible person she is to knowingly do this to someone….
    I am shocked a Nurse of all people could do this unthinkable act to someone, especially her knowing she has these diseases…. God have Mercy for these guys who she does this to !

  11. More of the little SLUT

  12. Save these pics so everyone can see the slut nude

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