Please beware

So I met him on Tinder. Exchanged numbers and texted back and forth for a few weeks. Plans to meet up twice, that fell through.

After him disappearing a few times, i decided to google him bc I thought for sure he was married. I found out A LOT after googling, STDs, cheating, beatings, mug shots.. All of which I did bring up to him and he had an answer for it all. Very believable answers at that. I of course, like a moron, gave him the benefit of doubt and decided to believe his lie of him having a bitter ex GF. Time went on and my sister posted some questions on a few sites we found and then we came across the FB Katie girlfriend comment.

He added me on IG but not FB, which now, after reading the comments on here I understand why. On IG I noticed one particular girl constantly commenting, one comment read “my handsome matthew” I questioned him prior to that girl Katie and his response what she’s an annoying girl that follows him.. OK fine, who am I to say anything?? I mean, we didn’t even meet, we’re only sexually chatting, right.

Meanwhile, I contacted the girl.. Its his GF. All confirmed found out some more lies. The poor girl had no idea. She seemed sweet, hurt and worried. She confirmed that he is very aggressive, violent and coke using. She was warned prior to me but didn’t believe anything bc he’s such a good liar.

My advice to anyone of his ex trying to warn her girls is to warn in a mature, detailed manner. I feel its more believable.

Just for the record, EVERYTHING is true. His whole thing seems to be going after well established women and using them and then eventually breaking them down into nothing.

When confronted about this to him from her side and mine, he flipped it, got angry and made it like it was us that went coo coo. As her and I were on the phone discussing him for almost 3 hours, he was napping. That was his response, im napping we’ll talk later. he’s prob with another girl. poor girl.

His IG is filled with transgender (which is fine) and drug addicted looking women. The confirms a lot also.

Ladies, just pls think about this and stay away. We all cant be bitter and crazy.

You’ve been warned.


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