Paul Kender, Columbus/Dayton Ohio

Paul Kender is married. Yes ladies this is one of the worst kind. A man that has a wife, lies to women, really everyone that he meets, runs around behind his wife’s back and then leaves you in the dust when his guilt catches up to him. Not to mention he will bring her around you, and it is hard to keep the look of shock off your face when you figure out what a bastard he is. He tries to remain friends with you even after the truth comes out, but scum is scum. He is tall, thinks he is funny (unless you like junior high jokes about farts and such), thinks he is a food critic/writer, knows everything about cooking and food, never wrong, no manners, obnoxious, rude, self absorbed, and is a habitual liar. Beware He spreads stds then blames you that you gave it to him. This man is so bad with stds he thinks it’s ok not to inform his sex partner. He is liar that is married, for he has had lots of practice. Run as fast as you can before you end up being tossed you out like a toss salad….

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