Nicole Sones HIV

Nicole Sones lied that she was pregnant-instead gave me HIV. Nicole seems like a nice girl intil you try to have something with her. After her kids dad killed himself, I tried to be nice to her and we ended up living together because she told me she was pregnant with my kid, so I tried to take care of her. It was bull shit tho she wasn’t pregnant. She just wanted in my bed. I kept thinking it was weird how she and her lez roommates were hiding shit, but before they moved out they told me she cheat. Found out that the guy she fucked behind my back has AIDS, and the bitch gave me HIV. She fucked a lot of guys in Carlisle, Newville, and even up past Harrisburg. I don’t know how many people she infected but I know she isn’t stopping and even started doing it on purpise. She said she would accidentally cut her fingers at work. Her coworkers say that she was trying to get blood in the food. This bitch is sick and just wants to kill people who give her attention with her AIDS pussy. Don’t let her fool you.

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  1. She deffinitly does not have any std’s because I would know. I’ve slept with this amazing woman multiple times in the past and I’ve had over 8 blood tests done since for other reasons, and I’m clean. So explain that. All of the stupid jackasses out there starting rumors just need a knuckle sandwhitch from a real man, pink asses

  2. This is so untrue

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