Michelle G Smith of Oracle in Baltimore Maryland

Michelle G Smith in Baltimore Maryland who works for Oracle Corporation is a 67 year-old grandmother of 5 and a mother of 3 yet she is far worst than a cougar on the hunt for young boys. For starters, Michelle Smith routinely goes on dating apps such as Tinder and even hits up the bar scene seeking out young men decades younger than her! Now, I don’t opine in her quest to hook up with young men for some naughty fun activities… but what gets me is that she solicits men who are married or taken. Michelle Smith was relentlessly pursuing my hubby of 4 years but thankfully he came to his sense and backed away. This HIV positive granny who probably even has AIDS can only go so far with her photo-shopped images and crafty make-up; she needs to be exposed for what a sexual predator she is!!! Michelle G Smith of Oracle has chlamydia and other STDs and STIs

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