Lee David Clayworth

Location of Lee Clayworth as of 2011 is in Sunway, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is from Strathroy, Ontario, Canada.


Who they cheated with:
Oreo Tang from Thailand working in Macau

How Long:
4 – 9 Months

How I found out:
Ask him to show me his emails as he was acting weird after coming back from Thailand. Found out that they met. Confronted him and he lied. 1st, he said that they did not meet, then said that they did but with a bunch of friend. Finally he confess that they had sex in a friend’s place.

What happened after:
His excuse of cheating is that he is too weak to break it off with me like a man. He said that he can’t bear to see me sad if he ask for a break up. So i guess cheating will hurt less for me.And he is doing all this while me and my family is dealing with a death in the family!! Pr*ck!

Beware girls, he has GENITAL HERPES. We both had a STD check after he was contracted with Chlamydia. Which he accuse me several times that i had given it to him. Only later i found out that he is cheating on me and he might have gotten it from Thailand. Not sure if it’s from the girl that he is with or with prostitutes.


And assclown, you thought you were able to trump up a shit case to shut her up… Here it is again, and all the comments brought back….

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  1. ::cries:: Who cares! Another dumb woman gets it.

  2. obviously jack is not getting any haha
    either that or someone hurt him boo hoo.
    I think the report was well written and informative of the kind of scumbag this lee clayworth really is

  3. hey mr jack-off,you sounded really pathetic.going around everyone’s page and commenting on their pages.seems pretty lifeless to me.at least that dumb woman(no offense)got a guy to fuck with.but u?i dont think anyone wants to fuck u.i bet u JA** off every night using your hello kitty doll that you got from your aunt for your 5th bday.go get a life,seriously!

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  7. “get ur own handle douche #2”

  8. u r a joke 😀

    it must b sad being u

  9. we should write his work place. we should get him fired. he should not be a teacher anymore. kick him home to canada.



  10. Dumb thing to do…Dumb thing to do Kanyanee.

  11. Jack,you say its a dumb thing to do but do not explain why its a dumb thing to do.I think its a good idea and think its pretty dumb to say its dumb without an explanation as to why.

  12. Go ahead and do it..you will find out why. It’s dumb thing to do, but no one is stopping you.

  13. shut up trash… a.ka jack

  14. haha is that the best you could come up with Jack “you will find out why”in a little bit** voice 🙂
    you really are a sad f***** Jack

  15. Your ignorance amazes me. Are you one of those people that takes something that they read any where and sends it too everyone….thinking you are doing justice.

    You are not doing anyone any type of Justice!

    People write blogs, etc all the time! It isn’t the duty of someone else to send it to someone’s work place, etc.

  16. WOW a proper answer from Jack hahaha.(google is great)
    Well let me educate for a moment.I know this story well and what is not said is the guy is a teacher and there are rumors he slept with a student too.Thats why I agree with letting the school know about this story.Im sure you agree with me now you have heard what I heard?

  17. You might want to find proof instead of using a rumor. Self defensive mechanisms are great! Good to know they work for you.

  18. Not sure what you think Im using as a self defensive mechanism.The whole reason I think the school should know is so that they can find proof 🙂
    either way it would clear his name or find him out.

  19. i am sure he slept with at least one student.

  20. Consult with an attorney before doing anything. A thirty minute consultation never hurt. Be sure to mention the infection that he has.

  21. shut up trash…no one should listen to morons like you

    if has had sex with a minor or has even been suspected of it he should be reported u fuccing retard

  22. im not sure if you’re proud of this…but jack,everytime i saw your name it turns me on.because everytime i saw that name,i thought of you jacking off with honey kitty.your mum is so smart at naming her kid. omg yeah!finally we got proper answers from jackoff!stop trying to sound professional.and you’re not doing any type of justice by calling this woman dumb.you should just keep your fucking mouth shut.go suck your own dick.oh well maybe you’re not “one of those people that takes something that they read any where and sends it too everyone”,but you’re definitely one of those people that read something from anywhere and started calling people dumb and hurting them.

  23. Hey guys I found an email address from his school if you guys want to report him.I have sent an email myself so hope you feel the same and send one too
    [email protected]

  24. This guy just won the court case people… oops!

  25. sammy davies // July 17, 2012 at 3:03 am // Reply

    ambitious chinese lady want white guy, chinese lady thought she had the world, chinese lady was cheated by white guy by a thai girl, now she’s trippin’. hmmm another one bites the dust.

  26. i trust him that he is innocent. and he is. he won the court case. what do you people have to say now? dont jump to conclusions.

  27. Screw you people, you guys are seriously retarded! He is an awesome teacher and don’t you guys attend school to learn to never trust media??? Fuck the person that sent an email to [email protected] which is our vice principal and might have caused our awesome teacher chaos. Why are you trying to ruin a person’s life??? YOU are the real scumbag that did not have the guts to confront him, and so for you to resolve your stupid heart problem, you posted this so that you can feel better about yourself?

  28. sammy davies // July 19, 2012 at 10:29 am // Reply

    dream of migrating now shattered. some more bankrupt. how to find white guy? how to migrate? how to boast to family and friends?

  29. Lee Damage 99 is your password // August 13, 2012 at 12:46 pm // Reply

    And i wonder how much he pays just to win the court case. Idiot. RM60,000+ perhaps? 😉

    Oh yeah, the girl have a dual citizenship and she is living in Europe now. There’s no need for her to boast to any anyone because she is rich. She lives in a mansion and drives a merc with her name on the plate. Is all over Facebook. Educate yourself.

    Oh yeah, this Lee Clayworth guy is a drunk and scumbag. His drunk picture is all over the internet.

  30. Mr Clayworth is an AWESOME TEACHER. He makes students happy and he deserves to be respected!

  31. Clayworth Fking Moron // September 8, 2012 at 1:40 am // Reply

    Mr Clayworth is an asshole because he is a womanizer, a drunk, has genital herpes and love making pornographic video of his girlfriends. This “awesome” teacher of yours do no deserve to be respected. He should be burn in hell.

    PS. He loves to drink and shit at the same time. Just google his name LEE DAVID CLAYWORTH and the picture will appear.

  32. the girl is rich, lives in a mansion, drives a merc. LOL

    rich girls dont act desperate and nasty like this. so, you educate yourself first ;-P

  33. Dumbo Sammo. Who says rich girl don’t act desperate and nasty. Are u saying celebrity don’t act desperate and nasty? Stupid uneducated comment.

  34. celebrity = educated ? who taught u that ? LOL, no wonder….

  35. Lee Damage 99 // September 27, 2012 at 2:44 pm // Reply

    You obviously can’t read Dumbo Sammo. Where in that sentence have i mention celebrity = educated?? You poor confused illiterate soul. I’ll pray for you.

  36. and u thought this bitch equals to celebrity or almost half intelligent, look at her face lah…. even a gweilo teacher rejects her. seriously, u just need to wake up

  37. Lee Damage 99 // September 28, 2012 at 1:39 pm // Reply

    Have u seen the bitch? Last time i check her FB, she has a double masters degree and pretty darn hot. Don’t believe everything you read on internet, Dumbo. Do you own research. This bastard obviously defame himself to squeeze money off the little rich girl using the lousy Malaysian justice system. Haha, and i am quite sure Dumbo Sammo is Lee David Clayworth himself!

  38. last time i check, she lost her court case and had to pay millions. i guess little nasty girl is scared she cant get another ang moh cock to suck, judging by her ugly face.

  39. Lee Damage 99 // September 29, 2012 at 1:32 pm // Reply

    Correction. 1 million, not millions. She is in Europe now so she can get as many angmoh cock as she wants.And who cares if she lost her case? Who wants to be in Malaysia anyway. Haha. Dumbo Sammo if deffo Mr. Clayworth himself with this weak comment 😉

  40. Lee David Clayworth // September 30, 2012 at 6:20 pm // Reply

    Hi. This is Lee David Clayworth. Thanks everyone that is supporting me. I would like to ask everyone to generate more negative comments about me so that i can use it as evidence against my ex. I am currently working with INTERPOL to put her in jail for saying bad things about me on Facebook.

  41. wow, in Europe huh. LOL

    well good luck in hunting ang moh and being generous to them.

    keep up the good work ;-D

  42. Lee damage 99 // October 1, 2012 at 1:00 pm // Reply

    Don’t be jealous dumbo Sammo.

  43. Lee damage 99 // October 1, 2012 at 1:05 pm // Reply

    Interpol?!? What an idiot.

  44. the fuck is wrong with you Lee Damage 99? its so obvious that this miserable twat is completly guilty she couldnt handle a breakup so instead of moving on she ruins his life and career with some bullshit lies and private photos. Lee sounds like a great guy who has been ruined by some phycho nothing of a women. she ran off to europe so she wouldnt have to pay for damages. I hear that Lee David Clayworth has an interview on CBC so i hope all works out for you man! Anyone who believes that girl is a fuggen moron

  45. haha he won the court case then when this miserable zilch of a women lost she ran away! haha have fun being bankrupt you cunt

  46. Lee Ching yan is jealous // May 6, 2013 at 3:08 pm // Reply

    Lee Ching yan, get off the Internet with your stalking. He doesn’t want your ass, time to face facts you ugly thing. Haha.

  47. Jen Martin // May 6, 2013 at 4:10 pm // Reply

    Turns out this is a lie and when proof was provided, the administrator of this website refused to do the right thing and take this down. So how much more of the rest of this site is false? You lose your credibility when you let your ego prevent you from doing the right thing. Beware folks, this site is a sham. They contribute to destroying innocent lives with their ignorance to the facts. Shame shame. The woman who posted this was found guilty of defamation, continued to defame and was found in contempt of court, and now has fled Malaysia to avoid an arrest warrant. Loser! At least Anonymous has taken the case.

  48. read this guy’s story on the CBC. it also states that this chick makes up names so she can post more then once. it also says that she has done this sort of thing more then once. and she was found guilt more then once.

  49. The negative comments on this are written by Lee Ching Yan. It’s clear because the English is broken and not proper.

  50. Lee Ching Yan of Malaysia is a PSYCHO!

  51. Lee David Clayworth // May 6, 2013 at 5:12 pm // Reply

    I’m going to remove all such posts from the internet. I’ve already contacted Google.
    Also if you post anything bad about me – I’ll sue you. And you will have to pay me millions of dollars in damages.

  52. This is basically a bogus post by a deranged woman. Half of the hateful replies on here are also her.

    Read the news people.

  53. How would you like to be his ex gf Lee now? She has been made to look like the super crazy stalker she is and the Clayworth dude just looks like the man with the golden schlong. He must have knocked something loose in this chick. Every guy she ever tries to date is gonna google her name then immediately move and change their number. She thinks getting 3 different screen names and leaving broken ass English comments fools people. U can smell her desperation through the computer.

  54. This isn’t true! This was posted by vicious, stalker ex girlfriend who has been stalking him for 2 and a half years. She’s wanted in jail in Malaysia for what she’s doing but she fled the country. She has been ordered to pay him $66,000 in damages because she stole his computer, other personal effects, and hacked his e-mail accounts. This girl is, literally, insane!

  55. That comment wasn’t really Lee. Please people, a man’s life is being ruined. These sites can be truthful, but this completely isn’t. This man didn’t do anything. Look up his story! Please!

  56. Sounds like we are dealing with a psycho ex-girlfriend here, and major news organizations agree. Stay away from Lee Ching Yan, fellows.

  57. The woman making these statements is a liar and is being hunted by international policing agencies. She has been tried and convicted in Malayasia and is now living under an assumed name in Australia. Funny thing this Internet, people are all brave and believeing until someone has different evidence. Check this guy out in Canadian news, the woman that wrote the above article has been cyber-stalking him for years because he dumped her! Sad thing when a woman gets dumped and behaves like that! Beware guys, it could happen to you if you get tangled up with this nut case!

  58. Lee Ching Yan was found guilty of contempt of court, for continuing to harass Clayworth with online postings after a court ruled they were defamatory. Lee Ching is the name of the bitch that made up all of this shit about David Clayworth. She is on the lamb and is a wanted fugitive. Everything you have read here about David Clayworth is false.

  59. You people are fucking retarded

  60. My first post got censored. This woman is a nut case, she may be educated but she is NOT smart. She may be wealthy, but she found she cant buy love. He sued and won. Spoiled little rich girl didnt get the man she wanted because he was not for sale. Just stop paying any attention to her.

  61. Everyone here can go fuck themselves. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/story/2013/05/03/bc-cyber-stalking.html

    Shes a cyber stalker. While he may have cheated on his then girlfriend – contacting the school he works because of some “liarscheatersrus” entry makes you the biggest fucking idiot Ive literally ever come across. Im actually still in shock that people like this exist. You should literally all be ashamed and embarrassed by how quickly you all attack an innocent man because of some stupid fucking website. Seriously.

  62. Lee Ching Yan sucks herpes infected dicks for a living.

  63. This lady just lost a court case and was found to be spreading rumours about this man (who, by the way, is innocent). She’s just out there to ruin someone’s reputation, unaware that hers has just been totally ruined and she’s been exposed as a liar. Lady, this guy wanted to break up with you for a reason- probably the reason you’re now exposing to the world, that being that you’re crazy and deal with breakups by being totally obsessive and posting malicious lies about your ex on the internet. That’s called being a nightmare ex-girlfriend and guaranteeing that no man will ever want to date you again for fear of the consequences of what would happen if you were to break up.

  64. No faith In humanity // May 6, 2013 at 9:37 pm // Reply

    Lee Damage 99 – You said “Don’t believe everything you read on internet, Dumbo.”, then turn around and site her FB page as fact? Wow…

  65. Actually his ex girlfriend has been tried and fined for making these false claims. this poor guy has had his life torn apart. really people google his name and you will see a news story just new today.
    if it weren’t for the face his ex has been charged and fled the country I would probably believe what is posted here.
    some people just turn heartless when a break up happens

  66. Good Luck Lee David Clayworth, hope you get all of this cleared up and put this little bi**h behind you and what she did to you. She was afraid to stay and face the music wasn’t she.

  67. she,s the that sick chin up lee

  68. ILoveMalaysianHo // May 7, 2013 at 12:14 am // Reply

    double masters? not from a real school. this gal is going to go down hard

  69. This guy is the victim. The problem is his ex, a pyscho bitch named Lee Ching Yan. Hopefully now that this is public her life will be ruined and she will get some karma for what she did.

  70. Michael Smith // May 7, 2013 at 1:30 am // Reply

    Don’t believe a word of this posting. I just saw a news report on the Canadian National News about this poor man who has been stalked by the poster of this profile since 2010.
    The news report said that the woman who posted this was jealous obsesses ex-girlfreind who has been found GUILTY by a COURT OF LAW in her country for stalking this poor man and even sentenced to JAIL because she repeatedly disobeyed the JUDGE’s rulings. She has no care or concern for the law.
    This woman is a mentally ill criminal who is obsessed with this man, and is willing to do anything and say anything to hurt him and hurt his career as a teacher.

    She is a sick person who has nothing better to do with her life. A normal person would move on with their life, she is clearly not normal, and sad pathetic excuse for a woman.

    Google CBC National News for the report on this woman. You’ll be shocked. It’s exactly women like her who end up poisoning their husbands to death out of jealousy, I’m sure if she had the chance she would probably try to hysically hurt or even kill him. She’s psychotic, that’s certainly the impression I got from the new report on her.

  71. love you long time white boi? Another white man with an Asian fetish.

  72. mr. wiener // May 7, 2013 at 4:14 am // Reply

    Dear douches at Liars and Cheats R us, Thank you so much for helping the crazy stalker ex-girlfriend to ruin this mans life. I hope there is a special place in hell for you…hang on there is, “Thou shalt not bear false witness”, Not A Christian, but I hope the old testement god makes a comeback and come to get you.

  73. Ultimately, `Justice` and `Truth` will always reign supremely in a Free and Just Society. Remember the Internet has a structure, and the plugs CAN and WILL be pulled on people who use these tools intended for liberation and knowledge in a subversive and oppressive fashion to inflict pain on others. To: Lee David Clayworth, a fellow `Canucker` and Citizen of the World, you can teach my children any day. Kudos on your courage! To: Lee Ching Yan, you will forever be “Persona Non Grata” within Canada, the most JUST and FREE country on the planet, unless you turn yourself in and pay the JUST damages. May God have mercy on your soul.

  74. There are numerous articles in the media to indicate this article (and others like it) are fake and being posted by Lee’s ex girlfriend in a slander attack. I don’t believe a word of this pathetic article.

  75. Yan is a ugly asian whore // May 7, 2013 at 4:46 am // Reply

    1st of all I would like to say: Yan! You ugly asian piece of shit! You are fuckin DEAD!
    2nd of all: This site blows. Your managers a queer. Have fun you morons

  76. hahaha someone’s butthurt, pretty childish to waste countless hours trying to ruin someone elses life. Get over it, you werent worth it so we got it elsewhere, get a life you whore, you’re too ugly no guy would wanna waste his time with you, we saw your picture on the news, now everyone knows what a pathetic tramp you are. Hahahahah owned!

  77. Thumbs Up Lee // May 7, 2013 at 6:59 am // Reply

    It only one proper interview on the news to rank better than all of her psycho postings. So lame and so ugly. I don’t even feel bad for her getting cheated on. He’s an ass for cheating, but not on her. Obviously her true colors emerged, so the psycho was going to come out anyhow. It won’t be long now before people will recognize her and start to harrass her. Better get some much needed plastic surgery Crazy!

  78. God some of you are retarded. Hurr durr iz pedophile end rappist durr hurr. How do you know? What’s that, it was on the Internet? This dumb gook has been posting slander for months. Lee is innocent.

  79. There are always two side to every story. Remember that.

  80. All lies. Google him on CBC. The person who posted these lies is seriously effed up.

  81. Jane Doe // May 7, 2013 at 4:28 pm // Reply

    There is a news story in Canada concerning the woman who made this post. She is a stalker, and obviously a psycho. All this man did was break up with her and given her reaction by spreading lies about him all over the internet worldwide, breaking court orders etc. to cease and desist, she is still doing this. If you want to check out the real story check out CBC news in Canada. And all I have to say is time to get some psychiatric care miss.

  82. Lee Ching Yan – get a life. How ridiculous & pathetic are you that after 2 YEARS – you ca’t just move on from this?
    Maybe he cheated – maybe he didn’t – who cares. He’s moved on – why would you let this man take over your life ? You’ve made him your obsession
    and now – he controls you life. NO MAN IS WORTH THAT. Get a new life and move on!!!

    Isn’t the $66,000 dollar judgement against you for cyber bullying and defamation enough? Are you willing to go to jail ?
    Seriously – start a new life and find someone who will treat you well. Oh – and maybe get some councilling for the obsessive compulsive thing…
    no one finds that attractive….

  83. Lee Ching Yan – get a life. How ridiculous & pathetic are you that after 2 YEARS – you ca’t just move on from this?
    Maybe he cheated – maybe he didn’t – who cares. He’s moved on – why would you let this man take over your life ? You’ve made him your obsession
    and now – he controls you life. NO MAN IS WORTH THAT. Get a new life and move on!!!

    Isn’t the $66,000 dollar judgement against you for cyber bullying and defamation enough? Are you willing to go to jail ?
    Seriously – start a new life and find someone who will treat you well. Oh – and maybe get some councilling for the obsessive compulsive thing…
    no one finds that attractive….


  85. A sore loser causing a lot of grief for Mr. Clayworth. I would draw the conclusion that she lost her free ticket to the West, and it burned her sorry behind. She missed the boat when it came to taking disappointment with grace and dignity. Mr. Clayworth, you have had contact with a viper.

  86. Lee Ching Yan is the nut case! Check this out. The poor guy is the victim here.


  87. This posting about lee is false, just saw him in the news, his ex girlfriend has been cyberstalking him for 2 and a half years, he has court orders to remove the lies but google and other webmasters won’t help him, the ex gf was sent to jail because she wouldn’t stop but has fled the country and may now be in Australia, this is a ridiculous website, gossip serves no purpose and karma gets them everytime.

  88. For any of you who were not aware. Lee is not a cheater he does not have genital herpes and this is on the news. If any of you bothered reading the paper you would realize that this poor man has been the victim of a psycho ex and that he can no longer find employment because of her false accusations.

  89. Oh and if google is so great how come none of you took the time out to google the whole story. No he did not sleep with students or cheat or do anything perverse so why do you schmucks want to take it upon yourself to judge an innocent man.

  90. Lee Damage 99 you must be the psycho Lee Ching Yang who stole his laptop and posted horrible things about him. You were convicted and sentenced to prison but fled the country. YOU are the pathetic one. Leave him be so he can go on with his life. I feel sorry for you because you cannot go back to your country without serving a jailsentence so that basically makes you a fugitive. HAHAHAHAHA…you are going to be found one day and then you will probably be put in a straight jacket and never let out again.

  91. 1Pac you are a malicious misinformed idiot to have sent an email. How would you like it if someone sent false information to your place of employment. Shame on you.

  92. YanDoesNotSwallow // May 9, 2013 at 11:14 am // Reply

    So the chick was a mental case, more than likely a bad fuck, and clearly stupid to realize that it is obvious that 95% of the posts bashing the dude in this site is really her. ROFLMFAO

    Life goes on. You learn from your experiences with Mr. Clayworth and/or all of the other guys you are probably bashing on the web right now, and you move on. You got cheated on?!!?!? Woopty Doooooo. Get over it you pathetic bitch. Learn to fuck a little better, maybe learn to swallow and get back in the game baby. No need to keep this sh!t up. Let the man move on already. You are wasting your life away by being consumed with him when you could be putting that little pus$y of yours to good use LMAO.

    Let this be a lesson to all you idiots out there who allow yourselves to be photographed in ‘less than appropriate’ situations…. ALL IT TAKES IS ONE CRAZY FUCK TO FUCK YOU UP.

    Good Luck to you Clayworth… You are going to need it.

  93. omg, she is still posting lies about this poor man?? She got dumped, she needs to get over it and move on with her pathetic life. Too bad she ran away, she deserve to do her jail time for the hell she is putting him through. This is the worst case of cyber stalking ever. Poor Lee :/

  94. How do all you dumbass broads and wussies feel now about busting Jacks balls???? This guy did NOTHING. Google this bitches attacks on this guy…he’s innocent BUT ALL YOU KNOW IT ALLS just knew he was guilty, why? becasue a WOMAN said he did something…so it MUST be true, huh.

    Jack, let them eat your ass!!

  95. gEE 1PACK….WHERE DID YOU GO…….YOU fucking nosy pussy……..go ahead, call the school…dickweed.

  96. Mark McBee // May 9, 2013 at 11:31 am // Reply


    They are all assholes and bitches.

  97. I hate to tell you all. But this guy did not cheat. The women posting all of this Has been stalking him since 2010. She has also broke into his house stole personal info. So before you let lose on people you might want to get some more facts. She is just pissed that he broke up with her. I do not know who this guy is but it sounds like with all this women is doing he does not need your sh*t to.

  98. Fatal attraction much? Been all over the news – they dated for 6 months when he taught in her country of Malaysia. After breakup she broke into his apartment, stole his laptop, and has been posting pics and lies since. He sued her and won in Malaysia, she fled country and continues harassing. Sad case.

  99. Santa Claus // May 9, 2013 at 11:39 am // Reply

    Report him to his employer for WHAT? Because he wanted to end a relationship with someone who is clearly insane! You people are crazy!

  100. Bob from accounting // May 9, 2013 at 11:50 am // Reply

    How embarrassing that this chick put this much time into getting “even” with a guy who didn’t want to be with her. Has she no self respect or self worth? Who would want to be with someone like this? Enjoy solitude.

  101. nunyadamn // May 9, 2013 at 12:22 pm // Reply

    It is really sad that you post such garbage about people. She finds herself in jail now. She could have been spending the time dating and opening the door for someone better, more suited for her to come into her life instead of trying to ruin his life. Sad and pathetic stupid women!! #moveondumbbitch

  102. just another crazy asian bitch with small tits, cant get any, no man wants her because her genetics are inferior to the high born chinese.

  103. http://www.today.com/tech/woman-haunts-ex-online-years-after-breakup-1C9847266
    This poor guy, got some nasty stuff written about him just because he dumped a girl. Catch the guy a break. Come on now.

  104. You people hear one side of a story and make judgements! How ignorant.

  105. http://www.today.com/tech/woman-haunts-ex-online-years-after-breakup-1C9847266

    Hope you get some resolution to this, Lee. What a nightmare. Crazy biotches, listen up, you’re giving all women a BAD REP with this BS. If a guy truly cheated on you, good riddance. Did you REALLY want a guy like that anyway?!?!??! Thank him for bringing to your attention what a douchbag he is before you wasted more of your time with him, and move on.

  106. It obvious that the girl is also commenting under another name on here. He won and she lost. Simple as that. She is very pathetic and needs to grow up and move on. Stop trying to ruin someones life because you can’t have them. That is ridiculous and so are the ones on here believing everything that is posted online.

  107. This kind of behavior is so frequent! Not only with petty people that cannot accept that a person does not have the same feelings for her/him anymore, but also from envious people, who cannot stand that others are getting ahead in life and most of the time with lots of effort reaching their goals. What is most frustrating is the lack of help we receive from the institutions, and how this criminals can get away with it. Sorry Mr Clayworth for what you are going thru, but THIS TOO SHALL PASS and you will heal. Wish I can do something to help you. If I win the lotto I will hire you:)

  108. AnonymousAmazing // May 9, 2013 at 2:45 pm // Reply

    This is online Defamation. This story is on CBC news. I think CBC is more official then your little website. I would rather believe CBC than you. CBC states that he sued you and you had to pay him $66 000 due to your online lies. The story on CBC News is here:

  109. justmyopinion // May 9, 2013 at 2:54 pm // Reply

    pain on this level sucks, im sorry that life has brought it to this point. she is a beautiful young lady and life will move on, as i think she should do. I mean if the relationship ended for whatever reason, if hes just not interested anymore thats his decision to make, if hes off in another country with someone else, then hes not the type of person that deserves her attention or energy. I fully understand i have lived it and can say from my own experience that no matter what you do you still hurt, its still very real. Lee Yan, im sorry sorry for your pain and heartache you deserve better and im sure you will find it. if you havent already. Mr Clayworth i get the feeling that you have brought this on yourself, even if it is an extreme reaction you just the same as her keep feeding into it. MSN this morning is proof of that and so is this page. i think if you truly want this to end then it has to start with you, end it like a man, like you should have before. you need to find enuf respect for her to say your sorry and be able to show her with your words that you mean it. then cut it loose, you really cant do anything now except look like a dumba$$

  110. Waylander // May 9, 2013 at 3:17 pm // Reply

    This woman is lying, if you google this guy you will see why. She was found guilty in Malaysia of slandering him (she stole his computer and placed slanderous material in his emails and other accounts), the court gave her orders to leave him alone and pay $64,000 damages, she did neither, fled the country & is STILL haunting this poor guy. He says he can’t even find work, because of this vixen. Check the news stories for the truth.

  111. Lol you all got f***** over. // May 9, 2013 at 3:28 pm // Reply

    Google his name. This guy is innocent. Stupid people jumping to conclusions.

  112. So you were willing to ruin your own life just to ruin his? You could have moved forward with your life and found a better boyfriend. Instead you’re living in exile, owing money, with negative news about you plastered all over the internet. Was it worth it?

  113. Another “Dumped” Bitch told to kick rocks and she didnt like it. I dated a filo once and she too was crazy, the bitch cut me with a steak knife cause she seen me hug a girl. In court she found out it was my sister..

  114. Turns out none of this is true. Lee David Clayworth broke up with Lee Ching Yan and she wasn’t too happy about it. She broke into his apartment, stole his laptop ans other personal belongings and and started a campaign of on-line harassment. This all happened in Malaysia. He sued her and she continued the harassment during the trail earning her a contempt of court and she fled the country and continues to this day her on-line harrassment.

  115. John Erickson // May 9, 2013 at 4:20 pm // Reply

    You idiots realize that this girl made all of this shit up, right?

    read this article (aka do your homework) before you post stupid shit like “oh, let’s write his job so he gets fired, blah blah blah. Morons.


  116. NBC news has run an article about this POS shit woman and the fact that she is suppose to be in prison for lying about this man. Pathetic is the only word I have for her.

  117. Its absolutely ridiculous that this piece of garbage woman is doing this. Really lady? You were with him for 6 months, so what if he was with another lady, there was no ring honey so get over it! Jeesh. I feel bad for you Lee I hope they find her and lock her away or get her some help. She is obviously suffering a severe mental break.

  118. pablo escabar // May 9, 2013 at 6:18 pm // Reply

    Dang…those psycho chicks are awesome in the sack but just not worth it in the long run…

  119. Don’t you guys realize this is the ex who is writing the slanderous replies?

  120. Emosauce // May 9, 2013 at 7:34 pm // Reply

    In hindsight… Jack had some good advice.

    Ladies: too much venting is a bad thing. Move on. It’s healthier than dwelling on the past.

  121. Lee Ching Yan is the one to watch out for.

    “While teaching in Malaysia in 2010, Clayworth dated a woman named Lee Ching Yan. After they broke up, Clayworth said she broke into his apartment and stole his laptop, hard drive, passports, driver’s license, birth certificate, teaching portfolio, his money and clothes.”


  122. He cheated with “Oreo Tang”? Maybe he just wanted some junk food!

  123. Hey sunglasses..it’s a false story written by his upset crazy ex girlfriend! Not everything is true on the internet!

  124. That’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. Mi-dear, GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE. If you can’t, seek psychological intervention. I don’t think he did ANYTHING to you – and your actions are disgusting. Get over it.

  125. Kanyanee is clearly a severely mentally ill person. Or the woman who made all this shit up to begin with, probably both.

  126. The poster is subject to court orders for defamation in Malaysia, you shouldn’t be posting crap without checking facts, thats equally as bad as the cheaters..

  127. http://www.today.com/tech/woman-haunts-ex-online-years-after-breakup-1C9847266

    These things are lies posted by a stupid woman who can’t get over being dumped. I feel sorry for this guy.

  128. DO ET FAGGOT!!!

  129. Tony Abbott // May 9, 2013 at 9:52 pm // Reply

    Lee Ching Yan, 29, cyberstalker, is in the news all over the world now, everyone knows she is a dirty liar who can’t take rejection. Jack had the right idea and she kept using different aliases trying to flame him. What a sad woman. Apparently she is in Australia now. Here’s an article –


    So anyone reading this, don’t believe this profile on liarschaters, as some psycho stalker who could not handle rejection made it up and its full of lies. What a head case.

    Lee Ching Yan Sounds like she might have mental issues, what a weirdo.

  130. Tony Abbott // May 9, 2013 at 9:58 pm // Reply

    PS) She certainly does not look hot on her facebook. hahaha, not at all. WHAT A STALKING PSYCHO, everyone needs to stay away from this horrible mess.

    She’s obviously going to keep making her own life worse and probably end up in jail no doubt, all over a guy just breaking up with her, hahah lol some people are so stupid, like this Lee Ching Yan ‘person’ if you can call her a person. Don’t believe anything she says, most of the comments here backing her up, or all of them are obviously her. I’d hate to know anyone like this, what a horrible nasty person.

    Give up Lee Ching Yan, you are a lost cause and need serious therapy and jail time by the sounds of it.

  131. Tony Abbott // May 9, 2013 at 10:02 pm // Reply

    PPS) here is a picture of the weirdo herself –


    Have fun you psycho stalker. All over a silly break up, how dumb is she.

  132. this has hit the news in England, Canada, Australia and the USA. His ex girlfriend is responsible for the online stalking. He sued her, won damages, won a court order to force her to stop the harassment – she refused and carried out and was ordered to be jailed for contempt of court, but left the country before that could happen.

    This is the link to the British newspaper with pictures of him, his ex and some examples of the online harassment, including this website.


    Oh, and it could be possible, that Lee damage 99, is his nasty ex-girlfriend…

    and one of the best comments in the newspaper link above: This is to Lee Ching Yan: Give it up. People get dumped every day and they don’t behave like this. Grow up. You OBVIOUSLY have some serious mental issues going on here. Have some dignity and self respect. What a fool you are making of yourself. Get over it and move on. Get a life of your own

    • What a bitch. When me and my fiance split up (she was the cheater – the bitch) and I kicked her out of the house – not literally her mum/dad came to pick her up.

      HOWEVER I ensured she handed over the engagement ring I spent a year paying for. Now my mum has another nice diamond ring.

      A bad time. Have (after 10+ years of inner pain) a lovely new lady.

      I was angry for a long time. Way too long. It can be soul destroying. Let it go lest you do something crazy (and likely illegal) like this sad excuse for an ex-girlfriend.

      I have nothing to do with my ex but we are not enemies as far as I can tell after 10+ years.

    • Kat – same here. Never visited this site. Never felt the need lol. But yeah I felt like you I had to point out that the girl has been raging a campaign – a nasty one – for years. I’m not an expert on breaking up. Back then the Internet did not really exist in the mainstream (am 44 now). But is too easy to say stuff and it can destroy lives.

      I do not personally know Lee but he has my support. If this woman IS in Australia (as I am) I hope the authorities track her down and deport her to the awaiting authorities. I hear Malaysian prisons are quite pleasant?

    • Kat – also good girl being brave. Blokes hurt too when things go sour. Worse for me was after a… miscarriage. I was terrified and excited. Then it all went south after that event. I think I got blamed for having to be at work and not there when she needed me. I still carry this guilt. My boss let me go home to bury my cat but not to help my fiance who may have been having a miscarriage. I had to call my Mum (thanks mum)!. The start if the end.

      But was a long time ago. I still in a crazy way love her. I don’t hate her and hope she is happy now.

  133. We know it, u know it, u need some serious help! Whocares, so many girls have fucked me over BUT I choose to move on with my life!

  134. Lee, what a worthless human being you are.. Get over it girl, you’re not the first chick to go through a break up, but you are certainly amongst the most loony for how you handled it.. He was cleared, you were found guilty and ordered to pay him restitution… shows me, what trash you are. Get a life and leave his alone.

  135. obviously this chick has SERIOUS mental issues. I’ve never visited this site before, but was curious after I read clayworth’s article online this morning as to just how out of hand someone could get. Apparently..very out of hand.

    Regardless if he had cheated on her (which I doubt), who does this?!? I was cheated on before by my ex, but I put my “big girl panties” on, and moved on, like a lady should. It never crossed my mind…hey, let me STEAL his laptop and ruin his career!!! That sounds like fun!

    Even if I hadn’t read the article beforehand, I mean, come onnnn. She’s obviously created several identities that claim to be taking her side in the commentaries. If she was telling the truth, why would she have to do that?

    And for the person who emailed this guys boss…I hope that made you feel better about your own situation, because now you kinda look dumb. Or in Lee’s words: you’re a dumbo.

  136. way to lynch someone without proof apart from rumours and innuendo! two sides to everything. research before you destroy someone…example..the falsly accused boston bomber!

  137. I think she’s telling the truth, at least about him cheating on her and being an arsehole. He describes their relationship as “casual dating.” I’d say she invested more in their relationship than he did. He saw other women and gave her an STD in the process. She felt devastated and used when she found out. She’s acting on pure emotion and a desire to make him feel as she felt. I agree she has gone too far, trying to destroy his life, but I understand why she wants to do this. I’ve read she’s called him a psychopath, he might be. They’re charismatic, controlling liars and always present themselves as victims, but he’s probably just a selfish prick who messed around with the wrong woman. It tends to happen to men who have a history of using and discarding women like toys. She has engaged in unlawful, extreme behaviour, but to say she’s lying about his cheating is jumping to conclusions. No one reacts like this without having been extremely hurt.

    • trying to destroy a life is no excuse for hurt feelings. she did it with malice in her heart. so acting on pure emotion is a reasonable option? she sounds like a sociopath. everyone at some point has hurt feelings..we all don’t do what she did.

  138. Tony Abbott // May 10, 2013 at 3:56 am // Reply

    Yeah she’s obviously a nutcase with not much of a future unless she gets some help.

  139. Vancouverspring // May 10, 2013 at 5:05 am // Reply

    It is obvious this guy is cheap. Wanted to have sex but no commitments. You can,t have random relationship like that you cheap bastard.

  140. Andrew Johns // May 10, 2013 at 8:22 am // Reply

    This Psycho, low self esteem of a woman is extremely typical of some very desperate East Asian women. So concerned about getting out of their own country to get their fingers into a Western man’s life, family and ultimately, money !
    I just pray that he has atleast posted some pictures of her on the net, so that the rest of us single men know who she is, in an effort to stay right away from her.
    Nothing worse than a desperate stalker who can’t move on.

  141. Either grow up or seek help.

  142. Lee ching Yan, you one disgusting looking mofo. Wish I hadn’t wasted 5 seconds googling your horrible ass.

  143. Darth- I agree. Moving on from a break up in a healthy manner is the only way to go. Like David said, we all hurt at some point. That’s life and that’s what makes us humans. You can’t control people, or make them stay with you or even prohibit them from cheating on you. But what you do have control over is your own life and how you react to a situation. Talking bad about someone, no matter what happened, directly reflects what type of person you are. Move on and find someone that will love you, don’t create a villain out of yourself.

  144. I agree she went way, way overboard, but I believe she’s telling the truth about what he did regarding the cheating and the std. He led her on for months and derailed her emotionally, that much is clear. I think he’s probably a womanising piece of shit. She’s destroyed her own life as much as his own really. I feel sorry for her. I don’t think she wants him back. I think she’s mad he used her so completely and has, unfortunately, sought a very extreme form of revenge. Again, I’m not condoning her actions post break-up, but everyone here is pretending he’s an angel and she’s just nuts. Maybe if more women went nuts on their emotionally abusive boyfriends, players might actually do the right thing and end a relationship before starting a new one, instead of trying to have their cake and eat it too.

  145. Johnny Redblood // May 11, 2013 at 12:06 am // Reply

    Lee David Clayworth is an example to us all: never stick your di?k into nasty Asian pu??? – i.e., “never go full retard.”

  146. melissa m // May 11, 2013 at 8:16 pm // Reply

    Its so embarrassing when people react this way during a breakup. For goodness sakes, if someone doesn’t want to be with you, move on! Doesn’t matter who was cheating, when its over…….move on.

  147. I’d give her a shot…. I love crazies… Anyone can hook up with normal chicks but it’s the psycopaths that keep you on your toes.. She is just misunderstood!

  148. Haha what 33 year old teacher goes to teach high school in Malaysia? Well, I guess he went over there for the p*ssy but sometimes the screwing get isn’t worth the screwing you take.

  149. Imo – i dont care what he did, there is still no excuse for her to trash him the way she is. He says casual dating, that means they were both free to see other people. If she invested more so be it, he obviously didnt and she has gone beyond the point of insanity in trying to trash this man. I dont give a rats a$$ how bad she was hurt, she picks herself up, dusts herself off, and moves on with dignity. Her actions are certainly not dignified and she needs to just get on with her life and chalk this experience up to being a bad one. We all get hurt and we all have bad relationships, the difference is we dont go trying to ruin the life of the one who hurt us! There is absolutley no excuse for her actions, end of!

  150. Maria Pucko // May 13, 2013 at 1:37 pm // Reply

    She sounds like a loon. He doesn’t want you! As long as you focus on him, you will have no peace. Let it go!

  151. Brenda Sellers // May 13, 2013 at 8:02 pm // Reply

    Everything in this post is a lie. Did some background checking and this poor guy is being harassed and lied about by a girl he dumped. He even has a court order against her and she decided to leave the country versus going to prison. She sounds so bitter and pathetic and it;s no wonder it dumped her.

  152. This woman should be in prison. Her behaviour is criminal, and she should be punished. She has ruined this mans life and credibility (and the same thing has happened to me, I feel his pain)

  153. Good Luck Lee Clayworth! GBU // May 14, 2013 at 8:54 am // Reply

    I think Lee Ching Yan has a mental problem, some kind of psychopath, and she should go for a mental treatment.

    I feel so sorry for this guy that he dated a crazy bi*tch!
    I hope that police will capture her soon and she will be jailed yearssss….and i’m sure, it will be hard for her to get a boyfriend too…who wants to date this crazy BIT*CH?!
    Everybody will be scared that they will be the next victim like this!

    OMG, i just can’t talk enough abt this girl…

    She thinks that she can ruin Lee’s name on the internet just like this…yes, for now…but someday, it might turn back to her…her life will not be easy in the future.

    According to the news, she might be in Australia now, be careful guys!

  154. maybe this guy led the girl on just to get sex with her, then pretended it was nothing serious and moved on. this type of situation is not just a break-up with hurt feelings, it’s actually sexual abuse and a type of behavior which many men involve themselves in. Cheating and using someone for sex and not having some integrity when you know that they have feelings for you is sexual abuse.

    Maybe it’s time for more women to stand up to this type of disgusting behavior on the part of men. As well for the posters who are all commenting on the courts, we all know that in most parts of the world, when women bring complaints against men for date rape, sexual abuse etc, they are not believed. If a woman is not to get justice through the courts where will she get justice? Women are sick of being sexually used and abused by men!

  155. if this man had done this to my daughter, my husband would kill him, or leave him wishing he was dead. this young man probably got off easy to be honest.

  156. If this craysy asian woman have come to Australia lagal, I think Australia have to liberal immigration politic.
    She is a mad asian pussy. I dont belive what she write. She only want revenge.

  157. this bit*ch are just telling lies! She was dating him and then she startet this rumor. According to the news, she is now in australia so be careful everyone. You are a fuck*ing BIT*CH!!

  158. As of 24 August 2015,
    “Lee Ching Yan” aka “Ching Yan Lee” is currently living in Limerick, Ireland, and this is her couchsurfing profile:

  159. She is currently working as a prostitute in Limerick as Lauren Ling check her out on Vivastreet and locanto

    • Omg I just came across this while googoogling her name I’ve dated this girl for a bit in know about her past though lucky escape I know there was something not right with her she was weird saw her name in her flat and decided to look her up glad I did now met her on POF and her username is Beachlock1

    • Living in cork lad beware

  160. Dated her in Limerick a few times met her through plenty of fish knew there was something odd about her found her name in her apartment one night and decided to google her I’m one lucky guy to escape this mental case

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