Lauren Smeke Admits to being a sexual predator

The words of Lauren Smeke the biggest whore in New York who purposely tries to infect innocent men that she meets on Craig’s List. She withholds the fact that when she was a paid whore whose pimp had her blowing men in cars she caught a std.

The words of Lauren Smeke when she was caught having unprotected sex with 5 strangers who names she couldn’t remember and telling her fiancé that she had not had unprotected sex with anyone but him

You were right about me

I feel like I have died
Just a shell of a person now
My chest is so tight
Feel like I could have a heart attack
Or a stroke
If anything ever happened to you I would die
I’m so sorry
I had the man I wanted forever
And I hurt him irrevocably
I will forever be in agony
Agony because your pain is my pain
Agony because I will never have the man I was meant for
The man I compare everyone against
I have killed both of us
And there is no turning back”

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