khalid abdul wali

khalid abddul wali he’s a jail house convert(birth given name vance jackson)this sorry poor exscuse is syacuse,new york but now residing in charlotte, north carolina this pathic, evil and hateful man deieded to spread his nasty herpes both 1 and 2 to every body he can women and men as well this person this man proclaim to be a muslim but he’s anything but it he hate the entire caucasian especially the men this man has an infeiority complex he lived with an old women just only for a place to live and when she wouldn’t listen to him he abused her time after time again this man is a pure bum he look for females to move in with because he cant stand on his own feet nor can he take care of his self(pitiful) he’s been in jail coultless times for stealing scrap metel larceny and also round adout 5 women came forth and he gave them all herpes inculding me when i found out about all of this i got rid of him and i’ll never look back,so ladies and men please be careful.

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