Kevin McDowell STD Cheater

Such a loser that he is . Before we got married after dating for seven years I had thirty grand in my bank account and this money we used to buy a beautiful house in Yonkers NY . Four years into our marriage after getting an STD from him . A woman comes to my job Fernanda Calle , she had his child knowing he was married . South American whore chasing the American dream . This whore had his baby who should be five this year . My piece of shit ex husband who used ro be a fire man , forged my signature and stole all of my equity fom my house that I lost because of his stupidity . After he forged my signature on my house he also forged my signature on a loan of 117,000 grand to buy another house on Walton avenue un the Bx and then he broke the apartments into small rooms to rent out to families . The worst fire hazard ever !!

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