Kayla Sandford

She’s from Gloversville, NY/Wells, NY. This girl is a lying, cheating scumbag. She has screwed around on every man she’s been with. The guy who was recently with her ended up finding out that she cheated on him with 3 different guys and 1 girl. On top of that, she has a severe drug problem and is a pathological liar. Kayla has terrible trust issues. She will do ANYTHING for attention (even slander those she’s been with before). Don’t trust her. She has no morals whatsoever and will screw with you even after you’ve broken up. If you’ve been in a physical relationship with this girl, you should probably get yourself tested for STD’s as she tends to sleep around a lot and is rumored to have herpes.

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  1. You’re a piece of shit, Justin.

  2. This girl, regardless of the accusations against her, is a wonderful, honest, caring human being. The poster, who’s actual name is Justin Turner(living in Plattsburgh, NY) is a lying, bitter, manipulative, sorry excuse for a human being, trying to validate his sense of superiority, and unwarranted “victim mentality” by slandering the name of this innocent girl.

  3. Confirmed she is a cheater she’s cheating on devon with tom cleaveland saw it the other day at logans she was all over him what a nasty whore and she looks like she has a small beard going, rat face is a cheater too they make a nice scum bag couple.

  4. Someone should really tell this Devon guy. From what I heard he is a really nice guy and doesn’t deserve this.

  5. Lucy Tooley // April 5, 2012 at 6:43 pm // Reply

    Devon is a great guy and has good judgement i have none him for years he is one of my best friends. and kayla is a great person she loves devon with all of her heart as he does her so do not spread false things about the people that i care about please because you have no idea what your talking about.

  6. Lucy Tooley // April 5, 2012 at 6:44 pm // Reply

    And i highly doubt shes cheating on Devon with Tom get your facts together

  7. i heard tom was tagging devon too but this time at the inn because that’s where devon works and they got freaky in the bathroom I was there and heard it all no lie, there was lots of liquor involved so I dont think either of them rememmber

  8. Actually Kayla is a cheater she slept with Macala Lane while she was dating Devon. Also right before he broke up with her she was macking on Joe Simmons as well. He hasn’t been right after he broke up with her.

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