Kat Owens, STD infested Home Wrecker in Ramona, California

Kat Owens in Ramona California works at Goodwill and likes to date married men twice her age, old enough to be her father. She’s ugly as they get and infested with a rage of STD’s including genital herpes, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. She pursues, chases and infects men in committed relationships then runs away like a coward she is when confronted for being a home wrecker.

3 Comments on Kat Owens, STD infested Home Wrecker in Ramona, California

  1. She hasn’t changed one bit. Still up to her same old ways with drinking and chasing after other peoples relationships. She’s a total attention whore and POS.

    • Haven't forgot about u bitch // September 7, 2016 at 9:44 pm // Reply

      This girl is such a bitch. I can’t believe after all these years she still behaves this way!!! Is she still living with mommy the teachers aide and daddy the pastor in Ramona?? Or did she finally grow up and move out!! Such a inconsiderate slut and complete waste!!!she loves to talk shit and cause problems (but never to your face) but don’t ever confront her about her behavior because she’s in denial and loves calling the cops and making up bs stories!!

  2. She’s still sleeping with Eric Maricelli without using any protection while I was in a relationship with him last month! Both of them continue to sleep with God knows how many people without using protection. So please protect yourself and stay away from this lying slut.

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