Julian Arbelaez – Pembroke Pines – Sigma Studios – [email protected]

Julian Arbelaez – aka Jay Arbelaez – working for Sigma Studios, claims to be a government employee with a motorcycle on Tinder. His photos are airbrushed. His face is FUBAR with craters. He’s broke. From the ghetto. Which isn’t bad in and of itself but he pretends to be something he’s not. He’s recently infected Diana Carolina of Davie with genital warts. He says he has a motorcycle, he doesn’t. He lives with his mom. Everything he says is a lie. Don’t believe him. He has no money, no goals. He just goes to school and lives off student loans. He’s trying to find a Tinder sugar mama but he’s too ugly. When people see him in person he looks nothing like his photos. He claims to be white and he’s Colombian. He’s racist against black people. He’s just a very troubled person with multiple sex partners from Tinder while he knows he has genital warts and can infect people. Its really sad. Please be careful ladies. Pathological liar. Broke. He’s the worst of the worst. 954-625-0817.

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  1. Diana Carolina // January 25, 2017 at 12:39 pm // Reply

    Julian Arbelaez and Diana Castro – the STD Twins

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