Judy Knowles

After sleeping with Judith M. Knowles of 275 Fairpointe Place, Suwanee, GA. for more than 4 months she informed me she had an outbreak of Genital Herpes. She said she had been off her medication for years. She also told me she had slept with multiple men and women and no one had caught it. If you are reading this you know you can have it and not know it. I have been tested and awaiting results. If you are one of the many who have slept with her, please get tested. You can see her pics on facebook under Judy Knowles. Thanks for reading. –┬áJudy Knowles

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  1. This is Judy Knowles.. A very angry X boyfriend posted this mean and un truthful post on your website!
    This is not true, and I am kindly asking for you to delete this Post ASAP!!
    I hope you will do the right thing and take it down. This is very hurtful and ruining my reputation!
    thank you. Judy Knowles

  2. I slept with her too, and now I have herpes. Am going to get an attorney and sue the hell out of her.

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