Jr Ahn of Sutter Hill has HIV and AIDS in Silicon Valley CA

Jr Ahn is 71 years old in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA and he is the epitome of a fraud. Jr Ahn says he works at Sutter Hill Ventures but a qquick phone call to Sutter Hill confirms that he DOES NOT even work there! Jr Ahn was recently fired from EMC and before that he was also fired from his jobs at HP Hewlett-Packard and Netapp for taking bribes and for embezzlement. Jr Ahn was married and has kids yet uses company money to take young white girls on dates, on travel excursions, lavishes them with expensive gifts, etc. all on the shareholder company dime. Jr Ahn routinely goes on websites and on apps posing as a sugar daddy seeking young sugar baby girls, which is how he got infected with many STDs and STIs! I have no issues with men doing what they want with their own money, but this despicable person Jr Ahn uses and abused corporate funds for his personal benefits and that is downright abhorrent!!!

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