Jonathan Waltmon

He brings home chlamydia, herpes and syphyllis!! Needs to be stopped! 14502 Lansing crest 77015. Not only will cheat on you and look at your face and say it’s not true. He will steal money to buy himself dildos and watch gay porn, search for other men to have sex with him. Will not use a condom and bring home an std!!
Gay diseases!!!!!!
But don’t ever mention the word gay because he will have a fit and turn into a giant baby saying that it’s not true that he is not gay. He will be unemployed most of the time and use you for a place to stay.

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  1. Im disgusted by this website. Its sickening how people can write whatever lies they want about people and hide behind a computer and a fake name, Martha Zamora baker. your not fooling anyone

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