George Earl Sarwinski, Nevada

George Earl Sarwinski is a scam artist and he will try to use u for sex and for everything he can get from you. Beware he pretends to be sweet and nice but he will use you and you will never hear from him again. Beware! He gave me STDS. There is nothing like an international globetrotting thot, spreading STDs around the globe world like this man has done to me. He Has no money but will offer to take you to his mothers house but he will tell you he owns the house.He claims that he owns a mansion. Lies about job status, present and past. Has herpes but lies about it. Think he prefers men over women. Insists on spanking women ass, to keep them in line.

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  1. Whoa…
    Well, hi. This is one of his exes and one of his two baby mamas. Sorry to see you two have met.
    Hate to break it to you, but he’s a diagnosed sex addict who has threatened harm upon two children the past year. He’s quit therapy. And… He is a fan of illegal brothels, hookup sites for sex, and massage parlors.
    He has nothing. Zero! Zilch! He’s lost it all through his bad habits. He’s borrowed thousands from his mom who doesn’t even live in state, owes thousands to the IRS, and… He has a third child on the way!
    RUN! And never look back!
    You’re a smart woman for seeing his true colors sooner rather than later. Oh… There is SO much more, but that’s the jist of it.
    Good luck to you. Find yourself a GOOD man, sweetie! He’s anything but!

  2. Oh… And yes. You are correct about the men. He’s had more than one threesome involving another male. I also found porn on the computer when we lived together of a transexual with a penis and breasts that he later admitted to whacking it off to.

    OH… And BE CAREFUL! He got physically violent with me twice! And he stalks. Online. In person. His ex wife and I were both granted year long protection orders last summer.
    He’s mentally ill. Nooo doubt!

    HUGE favor… If the original poster wouldn’t mind telling me HOW you met him and when, that’d be fabulous! You can remain anonymous if you’d like.

  3. Hey, GEORGE!

    If you happen to read this…
    Nice try a week ago with the “I still love you” and the begging (again) to come back and move into MY house! Why?! Because we have a son together?! Because you needed a place to bring your females beside your loser ass bachelor pad weekly down by your favorite brothel?!

    Oh, sweetheart… I do believe you have been BUSTED!
    Doesn’t a post like this mean that you aren’t “a better man” and “healed” as you’ve claimed?! Huh…

    Well, I’m glad to see that my post on the liars/cheaters website (same pic) was obviously helpful to someone. I’m just surprised she didn’t mention the part where you don’t last more than 90 seconds. Lmao! Well… Unless you’re drunk. Which happens quite a bit. You should really consider the alcohol rehab in addition to the recommended and court ordered sex addiction therapy, anger management, and cognitive behavioral therapists that you can’t afford with all the loans you take out to “entertain” and spread your latest STD.

    This post made my freaking day! I’d hoped someone would come forward but didn’t think I’d get THIS lucky!

    Well, since you’ve tried to hide your children’s existence for the sake of getting laid and even offered to full out abandon your daughter at one point for a lay, or “love,” as you idiotically call it…
    I look very forward to having your parental rights revoked. You are one SICK, SICK man!

    Oh… And by the way… Thanks for the “mothers day gift.” My new guy and I shall enjoy it fully! ;-P

    Good riddence, loser!


  4. He nasty

  5. To the person who posted about George giving STDs.

    Did he take you to whatever he called his mom’s house and if so what part of town? Can you describe part of inside or furniture or anything?

    I ask because I fell for his lies and Crap too. And I think he broke into my house, and if he did, we will get some kind of justice girlfriend. You would not be at fault cause he’s a liar. But if he’s been in my house I want his @ss arrested and charged!!!

  6. George Sarwinski gave me HPV. He told me he was clean and swore to it. Then he admitted he’s given genital warts to an old girlfriend a long time ago.

    He will get your pregnant and beg for an abortion. Its his method of birth control.

    He doesn’t like condoms and willingly spreads diseases. Soon he will pickup something worse and spread that, too. He is disgusting.

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