Galen Brown of Fisherman Cove Rd London ky

Galen Brown of Fisherman Cove Rd London ky he hangs out at OTG Old Town Grill and Bar and Power House Gym in London Ky has a severe case of STD’s He has had and is still having sex with numerous and multiple female sex partners and not informing them that he has STD nor does he use any type of protection while having intercourse. He thinks hes the cats meow that he is the Gift to Women and that they just adore him because he shaves his chest and belly hair and lays out in the sun getting a dark tan but not only does he have STD he is a woman abuser, he put both of his ex wives in the hospital from beating them so bad, He has two jail records and spend time in jail for Spousal Abuse. Heads up don’t go out with him not only because he has STD but also because he uses women and abuses them. He is an alcoholic as well as a drug user

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