Elliot Ortiz of the Bronx (40 yrs old) is spreading Herpes knowingly

Ladies be careful he usually meets girls online & lures them in with his green eyes & flashing his money. This man has over 7 kids from 6 different women & infected me. I was the unlucky 1 that met him in a place of business & he portrayed to be a hard working single dad. All his kids mothers are infected & have harassed me thought out the months I dealt with him. I was stupid & thought he loved me which he said he did but then I realized he texts a dozen girls while I’m in the shower telling them he loves them too. I have been checked over a dozen times but unfortunately he gave me this disease for life. When I confronted him he told me to eat shit & didn’t even bother apologizing or sympathize the fact that I was crying my eyes out asking him why did he give me this. He is heartless & doesn’t care he refuses to use condoms Bc he wants to spread this disease ladies please be careful & protect yourself. I waited a month to sleep w this bastard & didn’t see any signs of him being sleazy until months down the road. He is a expert liar & manipulator. Ask him to show you paper work & he says he will he has life insurance & gets checked every 6 months but won’t show you anything. I’m writing this in tears I have a child (not from him) & I’m scared to even be around her now I don’t wish this pain on away. I would give anything to unwind time & walk away from this man.

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  1. Can the person who wrote this email me at [email protected] I dealt with this man before. I wanna ask a question

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