Echo Anderson of Denver, Colorado

KARMA is a BITCH and then you die.
Good luck. Xo have fun with herpes!!!
This bottled blonde is Ms. Echo Anderson! She befriended me and my husband the same month our baby girl was born! She befriended is both and even pushed for individual time with both of us! How sweet right?!?! NOPE!
I was so naive to discusting women who spread home wrecking horror at no expense to fill there sloppy lose vag’s! !!!!!
She even told me during “our mommy time” that she often had 5 strange guys come in and gang bang and line fuck her in her marital bed while her husband served this country in the marine corps in training!
She lost her most recent husband when he got home early from duty to surprise her with gifts for her and there daughter and what happened bit him walking in while MY HUSBAND was 7 inches deep in her ASS! THEN THEY BOTH LIED and he actually convinced me to bring her to our house to stay while her husband “comes to his senses and realizes it wasn’t what it looked like” … (They told me he walked in to my husband asleep on the couch).
This bitch is evil. She even tried to sleep with my husband while I was making her daughter dinner!

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