Dustin stamp aka marions next hazmat visit

Mr everything right… WRONG!!!! This man has 16 children multiple rape cases and two that were virgins both now have herpes and warts. he is known to be sleeping with a few known aids victims around the marion area. Sad part is he’s so darn good looking and speaks so well you have no warning whatsoever untill your knocked up and taking anti viral meds please protect yourself!!!!!!!!

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  1. Grow some balls // August 10, 2015 at 6:51 pm // Reply

    This posted by a jealous female. He doesn’t want the skank so she’s doing everything in her power to make him look bad. Get a life. Grow some balls and say shit to him instead of anonymously posting on here.

  2. This isn’t true and needs to be taken down for false info u should be ashamed of your self for lying and making ppl believe things that aren’t true he’s a wonderful father to all his kids I know cause I have a few by him

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