Derrick Frasier aka Romeo spreads HERPES

Derrick Frasier aka Romeo has HERPES,CHLAMYDIA, and is possibly HIV positive. Dozens of women have confirmed they have gotten herpes and chlamydia from him. He is married but pretends to be single to lure single mother. He promises them wedding rings and babies. He pretends to be a good church boy but he’s the nastiest motherfu**** out there. He secretly records his conquests and posts them online. He has a secret instagram account his wife does not know about @iamking912 He never tells women where he lives but has them meet him at his uncle’s place of business at Quality Care Auto Repair in Tacoma. His wife knows that he cheats but still defends him when his girlfriends give him proof of his cheating ways. His wife is constantly trying to mess up his game by showing they are happily married but everyone knows otherwise. This fool is dirty. Run before it’s too late ladies.

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    This fool is on multiple sites

  2. regulator // June 6, 2016 at 7:51 pm // Reply

    So sad that 1 heart broken woman will stoop this low. Creating posts on various websites trying to shame this man. There may be infidelity involved. Most likely. But making up lies about STDs and posting multiple times as different people is just down right wrong. And pathetic on your part. You know who you are. Get over it already!

  3. Takes one to know one “Misty”

  4. Derrick R. Frasier has been reported to Washington State Department of Health for spreading herpes. According to RCW 70.24.140 it is unlawful for any person who has a sexually transmitted disease i.e. herpes when such person knows he is infected with such a disease to have sexual intercourse with any other person unless such person has been informed of the presence of the sexually transmitted disease.

  5. Wow, funny i know that this man does not have any STD of any kind! Smh

  6. Casey you know you are fucking a MARRIED man. Stupid bitch

  7. Casey RUN!!
    My cousin has been talking to and sleeping with this bastard since Feb…
    He’s met my whole family….my aunt and uncle(her parents), my husband and kids and even her kids!!
    He really is a player and no good!!
    Thinks he’s the shit in his blue avalanche!! Lol…
    We just found out he was married and my cousin reached out to his wife…she officially blocked him 5 days ago!!!!!!
    It’s just sad that this happened to my cousin!! She’s a single mom and didn’t deserve this from him!!
    RUNAWAY YALL!!!!!!

    • I messed around with Derrick too, but only once. One day I decided to google his name and the things that came up in the google search about him were horrible. It’s just sad that he is going around doing these things to innocent vulnerable women, that are only looking for a good man in their lives. Did your cousin get any STD’s from Derrick?

  8. So I found this site a few months ago and Derrick wants me to believe it’s all lies no one is pregnant and he wasn’t married I found on king county web site that there is a marriage certificate but he said they never was married they just went and got it and never married and he says he is at work all the time but know one works 24 hours and I’m just tired of him making me think I’m crazy because he believes his own lies !!
    [email protected]

  9. Mixedbeauty // April 25, 2018 at 7:46 am // Reply

    Haha he is still up to this? Lmao I taked to him back in 2012ish

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