Danielle R. Jones/Hollo — St. Robert, Missouri

GAVE ME HERPES!!! She met my husband while working at Big Louie’s strip club (an all nude club, very classy right) in St. Robert, MO. She now works for the local fire department and acts like she’s cleaned up her life, but still works at the club (as a bouncer now) and deals drugs on the side. She’s still dirty trash and everyone knows it.
Okay, so back to the story. My now ex-husband (because you’re damn right I left his ass. I don’t give second chances when it comes to that) met her there while I was visiting family out of town. He went out with the guys and she slept him for $100 in one of their private lap dance rooms that first night. I was mortified when I found this out. I don’t have words. We’d been married for almost five years and together for eight and he could just throw it away in one night, so easily?? I was devastated…
I don’t know how much longer the affair lasted. I found out after about two months. Guess how I found out? I developed weird sores/itching. Went and got tested. Ding ding ding! Herpes. That piece of trash and his tramp gave me herpes. It couldn’t have been something treatable. No. It had to be a forever reminder if him and his ho. 🙁
I’ve since moved on with my life. We didn’t have any kids together so it was easy to pack up and leave. I don’t know what he’s up to now or where he’s at, and I really don’t care. But I wanted to warn people about her after I saw her recently and it brought back old memories. Watch out, Fort Leonardwood wives.

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