Dan Milbourne, London UK

This is Dan Milbourne from London . I believe he works as nurse or paramedic , something like that. Dan is a true player and not to be trusted !
He plays the “nice guy” but he’s been fucking the daylights out of my now ex ( while we were together)behind my back.
I knew something was up cause I noticed severe outbreaks of herpes genital, anal, oral and syplillis, and homosexual parasites on my ex.
Turned out my ex’s been sucking dicks on the side for ages and fucking cheap trannies, shemale prostitutes,asian ladyboys found online , until he got busted and I threw his ass out!
Well, Dan Milbourne, no hard feelings, you can have the nasty old faggot Matt Smith (notorious glory holes cocksucker of Clapham)- he leaves skidmarks everywhere and his micro penis cant please anyone,male or female, so good riddance.
However I ‘d appreciate to have back the money he ‘s stolen from me….

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  1. What an ugly face and small dick !! Yuck this guy is gross

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