Crystal M. Rybarczyk, Kalamazoo MI, has Herpes

34 years old from Oaklawn IL, moved to and lives in Kalamazoo MI, works at Grand Traverse pie company in Portage MI, knowingly sleeps around without protection or exposing her disease of herpes since 2007

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  1. In case you slept with her since 2007 starting in IL to every other state you need to get checked put the end to the spread. Search her on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace, Pinterest and Google+

    • This bitch fucked my man in Grand Rapids and now I find out she has herpes and there’s nothing I can do about it until it’s too late and I get herpes, she should have to pay, real definition of nasty white trash. Please get the word around with her information something needs to be done about this.

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