cory roberts

creeping around Worcester Millbury Boston & RI
he’s on all the dating sites, that’s where we met (POF And then it shine again on tinder)
He’s SLEEPING WITH at least three girls going at a time (That I know of)… The last time I saw him he was on ecstasy and totally drunk… Him and his slimy friends hang out at the dance ranch in woo. avoid him, he’s dirty and gave me an std from some other check who was in jail ….. even though he told me he was clean g worst of all he has a girlfriend which I found out later. I’m not sure if she knows…. the last straw for me which when he tried to hook up with my 18 year old friend when I went to the bathroom! yup he’s 30…. figure out what he wanted. he is also super pill head. disgusting dirt bag

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