Chelsea Warren Michigan

For a few months there everything was different with my husband and I. I knew something wasn’t right and I knew where we were headed.. I knew he was cheating just by my gut.
He would take a lot longer to run to the store. Going to “pump gas” took forever. Even tho I was damn sure he was really going to pump her gas. And not to mention.. he didn’t have a car at the time. So she was in my car with my man.
Anyways… one day I downloaded an sms tracking app on his phone. We got into a fight and he was sitting on the couch to cool off. I go into the app from my phone and find messages from her like “come here.. I wanna take a shower with you” or the usual “baby I miss u so much” so now that I have proof, I stood up, walked into the living room, and punched him square in the face. The whole time I was packing, he asked “wtf was that for.. what the f**k did I do to u”.
I left to my moms for a little while with our daughter who was one at the time. I tried to just pick myself up and move on for the sake of our daughter, but its much harder to do when three weeks after moving out you find out that shes married, 22 years old and seven months pregnant with her FOURTH child and works at McDonalds… Shortly after that I hear the rumor that shes at work talking about how amazing he was and that he is “stress free” and that they are in love and she takes him out on amazing dates… and then shortly after I hear that, I find out its not just my husband shes sleeping with. There are FOUR OTHER MEN INCLUDING MINE AND HER HUSBAND! So immediately I went to the docs and got myself tested. Found out I had HPV and it got so bad so quick that I had cervical cancer. In January I was able to get a laser surgery and everything is fine.
So I started talking to an old friend from high school. Nothing on the line of a relationship but just talking to him about everything in general. Then my husband thinks I’m sleeping with him (f*** no because I have more self respect then he will ever know) and throws a hissy fit and starts telling me the I love you and I miss you bullshit story’s.
She finally gives birth two months later and her and her husband are all in love again and then as soon as those six weeks are up, she was ready to party with my man. Starts posting things that say she drinking corona and post pictures of her smoking a blunt and just being stupid for a married 22 year old with four kids… She sends text messages like she never graduated from the first grade. She has no education and then proceeds to tell everyone that she graduated with a 4.0 and all I could do is laugh.
But I got myself together. Went back to school for my daughter and now I’m currently a nurse at a well known hospital and living in my own home while he is still to this day living with a bunch of his family in a small ass house and working construction with a tiny ass paycheck. And she still is working at Mcdonalds flippin them f**king burgers.
I cant wait until they meet my new best friend karma. Shes a b**** like me and I’m sure you will love her!

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