Carol Marin, Chicago, Illinois has AIDS

Carol acts like a complete slut behind the scenes and then tries to pass herself off as a sophisticated woman. Carol Marin lies all the time, she has sex with anyone that will have her, She has several guy that she fucks at the same time at the NBC5 news station . She is bisexual and has AIDS. She practices no safe sex at all. She will make you feel sorry for her because of her AIDS and she mooches off of anyone she can for money or sex. I should know, I dated her for a couple years and then found out she was seeing a black man on a regular basis. The final straw was when I caught her with a black man sucking his big black dick. Stay clear of this whore… or you will get full-blown AIDS from her. Carol fucks and sucks her way to be in the NBC5 News Hall Fame….

08/28/15 – Tested positive (blood)
08/28/15 – CD4 147 (12%), VL 40803
08/28/15 – CD4 380 (22%), VL 207
08/28/15 – CD4 441 (24%), VL 90
08/28/15 – CD4 479 (26%), VL 111
08/28/15 – CD4 455 (31%), VL 50


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