Bill Rabe, HP Hewlett-Packard in Detroit Michigan

Bill Rabe has various STDs, is HIV positive and has AIDS. Bill Rabe is a recruiter with HP Hewlett-Packard in Detroit Michigan is a 79 year-old grandpa who brandishes himself as living the happy life of the perfect American Dream but what many of his close friends and loved ones don’t know is that he is the father a love child with an African-American prostitute that he refuses to acknowledge. William Rabe has tested positive for many STIs, STDs, HIV and also is said to have AIDS. Kinda like the whole Bill Clinton and Danney Williams thing. It is also believed that Bill Rabe has fathered another love child with another woman who is black. Is Bill Rabe embarrassed of his past mistakes? Does he not want to own up to his kids because of their race? If you ask me, this William Rabe geezer is a despicable person!!!

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