Attention: Mr Peter James Bromfield Has A Cyberstalker/Cyberharasser

So How do you bust your cyberstalker? well, Mr Peter James Bromfield I am glad you asked:

1. Get a Lawyer and file a court order to get the IP address from Google for where these LIES against you are coming from. Then the person can be identified and stopped with an order of protection.
2. Next you will need to link this IP address to a street address which may require another court order to get that information from the Internet Service Provider. The internet service provider may then alert the owner of the IP address that you are seeking their street address.
3. Expect to go to court to win back your freedom from harassment. So become a law student on what the law has to say about internet harassment and cyberbullying. Once all this information is found that you need to find out about this person you need to file a lawsuit against this person for stalking, harassment, criminal impersonation, and defamation and of course an order of protection.

Time for Exposure of this individual for good.

An innocent man is being harassed and will win in time over this person. None of the posts that this person has commented on or created against Mr Peter Bromfield will stick on him but it will STICK on the individual who created them. That’s for sure!!!

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