Anthony Burress

Anthony Burress. Needs to stop. He is going around meeting girls on social media meeting up with them and giving out herpes knowing that he has it . Lives in Greensboro nc.

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  1. Someone needs to put a bullet in his head….oh hell…make it multiple bullets

  2. Airy The Visionary of Stone Mountain,GA has genital herpes 1 & 2. Tierra Sims the daughter of Natasha Murphy of Stone Mountain ,GA…his gofer. He has her mind because he is the one who gave it to her after he cheated and she loves him?!! Laughing. He claims to be a musical artist but still can’t seem to make it of the internet. In his covers he is always wearing a hat because he is balding really bad and is not even 30 years old yet. Darius English date of birth is November 8, 1992. He is class of 2011 from Miller Grove High School. He also has a deformed looking penis shaped like a light bulb. He claims to work for his father as a luggage delivery boy for his father and part time for Delta Airlines making minimum wage at Jackson Hartsfield Intl Airport. He is a liar, con artist, a cheater and plays with the emotions of multiple females.

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