Amanda Sexson Williams Bossier City, Louisiana

My husband and I own a small painting and remodeling company and as the office manager I get various calls regularly from homeowners looking for work to be done to their home. On one particular day, I get a phone call from this woman who was very friendly looking to have some services done to her home. Little did I know at the time what type of services she was really looking for. On the phone, she told me she was a photographer and wanted to have a particular room in her home painted a neutral gray so that she could take photographs in there. She told me about herself (that she was also working for the Air Force Base located in Bossier City) and that she had a husband and two young boys. She asked me questions about myself and my husband, which is not unusual considering that we have to go into people’s homes. I set an appointment for my husband to go to her home the next day and we got off of the phone. I told my husband later that day about the appointment and it was back to business and life as usual.
A couple of months pass by and a friend of mine had recently found out that her husband had cheated on her. The way how she found out is she started to check his cell phone records. Out of curiosity one night after my husband and kids were already in bed I decided to look over my husband’s phone records on Verizon’s website. As I am scrolling through the hundreds of calls I notice one particular number kept popping up. I thought this was strange and continued to investigate. I then checked his text messages and low and behold there are literally hundreds of texts going back and forth with this particular number over and over again. My heart started racing, I started sweating, and I decided that I needed to check my husband’s physical phone to see what all this was about and who this could be. I walked into the bedroom and quietly took my husband’s phone off of the dresser and looked. Every text from that number had been erased….every phone call from that number had been erased. They were GONE!
Irate, I woke my husband up, demanding to know who this person was and what was he hiding. He woke up immediately angry, saying that I was being stupid and that he needed to go back to sleep. I said, “Okay, if you won’t tell me who she is, then she will!” I ran to the living room, grabbed the home phone and dialed the phone number. It rang, and rang, and rang, then someone answered. A woman. THE woman. I asked her who she was and then it clicked…the voice…the questions…everything. This woman had been scoping out my husband. She tells me on the phone that they are just friends, that he had been helping her. I remember vividly screaming into the phone, “What do you MEAN HELPING YOU?” She said that she was struggling financially and that he had lent her some money to make ends meet. I said to her, “You mean to tell me that he’s been giving you money when we can’t even pay our OWN bills?” She started to stutter and wouldn’t say much more about it. I asked her if she was sleeping with my husband. She denied it but said they had become close friends and that she had offered to take some before and after pictures of any jobs that we completed. This, of course, was ridiculous considering I had been taking before and after pictures with the $1,000 camera he bought me for Christmas the year before. I know she was lying but she wouldn’t break. I finally slammed the phone down after being emotionally exhausted. He stood there like a deer in headlights after I was off of the phone and had nothing to say. He wouldn’t admit to anything.
The next few days were rough. I packed up myself, my kids, and we went to stay with a friend. I was emotionally devastated. This man, who I had been married to for seven years had strayed with some random woman that I knew nothing about. I began to plan, scheme, plot, but the problem was I couldn’t form a coherent thought long enough to do anything about it. I wanted to hurt her and I wanted to hurt him. He called and called and called trying to convince me to come home and I was weak. I finally agreed to come to the house to talk. He told me that she had come on to him, that she pursued him and that he had rejected her. It didn’t make sense…if you rejected her then why did you call and text her? He said that she was persistent and wouldn’t leave him alone. After being so emotionally broken sometimes you don’t make the best decisions. I decided to believe him. Well, not really, but I decided that this was something that I could live with.
A couple more months pass by and life and business as usual begin to return. I hadn’t completely gotten over it but I was ready to move on and put the past behind us. Then…I get a phone call. This phone call was from a man. This man was Amanda’s estranged husband. He informed me that not only had Amanda and Russ had sex several times, they had also made future plans to be together. He had told her that he was going to leave me and be with her. I was dumbfounded. The husband had informed me firsthand that he was the soon to be ex-husband and that they had been separated for months before this so perhaps he was trying to get her hurt. He even mentioned to me that if I wanted to beat her up that the kids didn’t get home until five so it would be okay to get her during the day after three. I thought this was really odd and a little frightening that this guy was encouraging me to hurt his wife. I had just about written him off as the jilted husband when he made one pivotal statement. He said, “I know that you are hurting, but Amanda has talked about your husband for years. He was her first love, you know.” This blew my socks off! It all made sense. He had told me years ago about the first girl that he had ever been with and her name was Amanda. She had lived just a few houses down from him when they were growing up but her family had moved to Galveston and he had seen or spoken to her in years.
This woman had literally played me. She had used me as a pawn to get to me own husband. She had called me, befriended me, even had my husband do work for her, all to reconnect with her first love. It was sickly ingenious in how she did it and I was just trusting enough to not suspect a thing.
My husband had no choice at this point but to tell me everything. He didn’t want me to leave again so he broke down and told me the whole lurid story. The day of the appointment, he showed up ready to give a quote and when she answered the door, he didn’t recognize her. She told him who she was and he was surprised to see her. They talked and talked…reconnected just as she had wanted. They exchanged information and made plans for him to paint her room. While he was there painting the room, she approached him. So, inevitably he not only serviced her walls, he serviced her as well. This continued for a while but they broke contact after a while…whether it was because it wasn’t that much fun anymore or what I’ll never know.
Many people have asked me why I didn’t leave right then and there and the best answer I can give them is I had two small children, we had a business and a home together, and I still loved him. He and I have been able to move past this after years of honest, sincere discussion. He has become my best friend again and I have forgiven him for what he did.
Her, however. I will NEVER forgive her. She sought my husband out through me and got exactly what she wanted…except for her happily ever after. That belongs to me. He married me, he committed to me, and although he strayed for a brief period of time, he came back to me. She tried to take him from me and didn’t succeed.
Karma’s a b****, as they say, and this website is everything that I’ve been looking for after all of these years. I told her on the phone that she would pay for what she did and this is my best hope for that. Although she hasn’t attempted to contact him again, she is still very much on my mind. I want women to know that she has no qualms about interfering with a married couple and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. I want her to pay.
In a strange twist, call it Karma if you will…I want her to know this. I have HPV. My husband contracted it through unprotected sex with a long term girlfriend he had as an adult before we got married. He transferred the disease to me and now, thanks to Karma, she probably has it too. So, enjoy you’re STD, honey. I hope it was worth it.

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