Alan Richert Gave STD to Three Women

This man has a long history of dating girl after girl often at the same time. Has been doing this for 12 years. Always tells you that you are “the one”. Multiple affairs on first wife, one lasting several months. Always looking out for what a girl can do for him (bad in bed). Extremly selfish and self absorbed. Will take advantage of any money you have. Completely dishonest. Very high opinion of himself and his appearance in general. Thinks he is very good looking. Always looking to trade up to a better looking girl. I was seeing him only to find out he was engaged!!! Avoid him at all costs. Lives in Oklahoma City, OK but pursues coworkers as well as people out of state. Sadly he has 3 children and a lovely ex wife who have paid for his misbehavior. Has also transferred an STD to at least 3 of his former girlfriends. Don’t believe a word he says and stay away at all costs. You are not “the one”. Serious emotional problems. Avoid him. The charm is a lie.

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  1. Do you check the FACTS before they are posted? Do you have medical records proving this man gave STD’s to three women?

  2. I can’t believe there’s a site that will allow someone to post MEDICAL conditions about another person WITHOUT VERIFICATION!! This is NOT right.
    Now if you verify the information with medical records it would be different. However, according to your own site, you don’t do this.
    Anyone with a grudge could be doing this to ruin someone because they are mad or jilted. WOW!!

  3. Pamela- If you have slept with this man you should get tested immediately. I know it is upsetting to find out about him, but your health is very important. There are serial predators out there. This man is one. Many many women in OKC know about this guy and his reputation.

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