Aaron Weixel in San Jose California & Medford Oregon

We gained access to texts & found out this douchebag Aaron Weixel gave a lady a std. The texts say his std caused her to lose the baby she got pregnant with. It was his baby too so he killed his own kid.

This guy is the shallowest of shallow fucks & will fuck girls but not date em cuz they don’t look like anorexic models. He did it to the lady he got pregnant. She used to be a friend of a friend. He was trying to make her get an abortion too. Lotsa details on this douchebag at cheaterland.com

There’s be good shit in the texts we got into. He tells the other person in the texts he goes after women who have low self-esteem & insecure & have bad luck with men. Tells this person he gets their trust & then gets sex from them & moves on to the next one. WHAT A FUCKING DOUCHEBAG! Stay away from this sick std spreading fuck.

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